What to Watch Next: Cheap Thrills



YouTube is a wonderful world that hosts makeup tutorials, apology videos, people eating a ton of food, and Vine compilations all the same. One series on the channel Super Deluxe has been receiving more attention each day because of the person behind it and because of the positive message he broadcasts. This series is called Cheap Thrills, and the man behind it is Nate, aka Tabasko Sweet. Tabasko Sweet is the king of do it yourself, also known as DIY, and he makes the most fuego things, my guy. He makes everything from a Gucci slide truck to Yeezy Desert Rat 500s, and always keeps it very clean. Not only are his videos fun and entertaining, but they also promote the respect of women and especially mothers. Tabasko has featured his own mother in a couple of his videos and it’s freaking adorable.

Source: Super Deluxe

One of the products of this series’ creation is the creation of a Facebook group called Cheap Thrills Fam. This has been by far my favorite part of discovering Cheap Thrills. Everyone in the group is kind and willing to contribute positive vibes always. Posts are either about suggestions for DIY projects for Tabasko, letting everyone in the group know that they are loved, or about how it’s Modelo time. The last one showed up about a month ago and no one knows why, but no one is asking it to be removed, either.

I discovered Cheap Thrills about a year ago when I fell into a YouTube rabbithole. I was immediately hooked by Tabasko’s lingo and how happy I felt watching him make Gucci slides. At the time he had just started making videos so I waited each week for him to post a new video, and then I would go watch it. Now he has many more videos for people to view and a great deal of viewers. He even got verified on Instagram recently! The series has expanded so much that there is now merch for it and Tabasko has his own app and emojis. It’s like he’s the new, improved version of KKW.

Cheap Thrills can be found on YouTube, Facebook Watch, and IGTV.