What He Really Means...

Males are one of most simple-minded species and females like to overcomplicate. If you think about it, if a guy says he likes or doesn’t like a girl, the girl will go crazy over what he said. Plus, it’s perfectly okay because every female likes to overthink every once in a while. In reality, what he really means, may not be so complicated at all. These are the interpretations of what a guy could potentially say to a girl!

 1. “I enjoy your company” 

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What he really means: “I like you and I’m interested in you. I think you’re such a fun person to hang with.” 

Consider yourself lucky, because guys who say this don’t exactly come around these days. 

 2. “I don’t know what I want.”

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What he really means:  “It doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t want to be with you. I’m very indecisive at the moment. I don’t know if I’m still getting in the process of knowing you better or if you’re really the one I want to be with.”

This is where a lot of girls like to get this saying mixed up into thinking he doesn’t want to be with you or he can’t make up his mind. Either way, don’t have high expectations to be together with him if he’s indecisive because that’s his problem, not yours. 

 3. “Why don’t you stay with me for awhile?”

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What he really means: “I don’t have any plans to do anything else for the night, but just you. Stay the night with me and let’s see how it goes.”

Obviously, he wants you to stay with him to have intimacy. It really depends on the case of where both of you stand. If you both are friends, then chances are he is physically and emotionally attracted to you. If he is considered an ex, then he is only physically attracted to you and wants only the sexual aspect of the relationship. He misses you still, but he doesn’t recognize the fact that there was a reason you guys didn’t work out.

 4. “I like it when you don’t wear makeup.”

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What he really means: “Look. I’m a guy, I can’t even tell the difference if you’re doing the ‘natural look’ or literally having no makeup at all. Either way, I don’t care. You look beautiful with or without it. Don’t make yourself look like a clown.”

Don’t BS this compliment because a guy who says this genuinely admires you, for you! There’s nothing wrong with enhancing your facial features, but don’t do it just to solely impress him. Chances are he’ll think it’s amazing, but makeup won’t be his preferences for you.

 5. “Can we talk about this later?”

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What he really means: “Ugh, I’m not up for an argument with you right now. Please please, pleaseeeeeeee be quiet! ”

Believe it or not, most guys hate arguing in public or even arguing at all. Guys especially hate fighting with their girls about something that is so petty (i.e. liking a hot girl’s photo on Instagram, not picking up the phone or even some annoying little things in the relationship). The best thing you can do is to not annoy or anger him more, is to discuss matters in private. Don’t make yourself look insecure in front of everyone.

 6. “I love you.”

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What he really means: “After all the craziness I’ve been through with you, I will never get bored with you.”

Saying, “I love you” is a very strong saying that is sincere. He loves you, for you. Guys mean what they say, most of the time. Some sayings are quite complicated, but then some sayings come across as laid-back. Either way, it’s nothing to overthink about, ladies! If a guy is always loyal to you, then he shall always remain loyal to only you!