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Unfamiliar Clubs At ODU: Horror Club

One of the many exceptional qualities of Old Dominion University is the extensive amount of clubs that are offered to students. With over 350 different student-lead organizations, it’s no wonder that students may miss out on an opportunity to join a club they could potentially be interested in.

As someone who enjoys a good hair-raising horror film, I found myself sitting in an ODU Horror Club meeting. This new student organization is oriented around all things, you guessed it – horror, everything from scary movies, spooky novels, TV shows, and paranormal investigations. Students at ODU might not be familiar with this club either because of its newness or because of the abundance of organizations already on campus.



The ODU Horror Club meets on Wednesday evenings from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Dragas Hall, room 1117. At this particular meeting, the club officers went through a brief PowerPoint presentation, welcoming new members and sharing some information about the club’s upcoming events. Each member went around the room and shared their name, year, major, favorite scary movie, and the last scary movie they saw. We then played a short scary movie game where we earned points based off of which scary movies we’ve seen, with the winner receiving a bag of Skittles.

Club Vice President, Dillon Moran enjoys being a part of the Horror Club, “It’s awesome! It’s fun and exciting. It’s nice to finally find people with the same interests. It’s hard to find people who are into this kind of thing; I can’t wait till we start doing more events.”



The club is planning to host a lot of fun upcoming events such as a scary movie night, a Halloween party, and a trip to Williamsburg for a colonial ghost tour. They recently hosted a horror movie trivia night where members tested their horror movie knowledge for a chance to win a prize bucket. “It was fun to see how little I know about horror movies but I guess that’s why I joined the club! I loved learning more”, said ODU Horror Club member, Joshua Rosser.

It was neat to learn that you don’t have to be a regular horror movie junkie to join this club. It is open to all ODU students at no cost; you just need to have an open mind and an appreciation for the horror genre.


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