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An Unexpected Event Adventure: Alpha Phi Alpha Probate!

So, like all good adventure stories, it’ll probably be best that I start at the beginning. I have been an ODU student for two semesters now and still get lost completely! Originally, I was supposed to be at a different location but amazingly enough, I stumbled across a crowd that radiated incredible energy! It was the day of the Nu Theta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha at ODU probate! This was my first real experience in regards to seeing a fraternity and how so many people come together for this event! For those of you who are unfamiliar like me, a probate is a coming together of different schools and age groups to celebrate and recognize the new members of a fraternity or sorority chapter!

“This is a great event, as we move forward on ODU campus to show scholarship and academic uplift! Moving forward never backward!” said Cluster Dean and Alpha of Saint Paul College ‘78, Curtis Hopkins.

This event had members of the new chapter identify themselves and where they came from as well as their background! Each member was very well put together and showed a strong sense of pride of what they accomplished and what they are now a part of! The lively crowd held family members, students and also members of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity came from different schools. I interacted with people from Norfolk State, Saint Paul, Hampton University and many other campuses!

“Probate is a big deal! It’s how we show love to and welcome new brothers to our fraternity. It’s something we hold near and dear to our hearts! This show really means a lot they worked hard for a long time to put on this production!” said Hampton University Senior, and fellow Alpha, Brock L. Robinson.

Overall, this event was very enlightening and inspirational! It was amazing to see how strong and unified a brotherhood can be but also, outstanding to see how supportive ODU students were to stay to observe the event! The fraternity was really welcoming and open to all who joined by including and interacting with individuals who came! Definitely, this was a show that you just had to be there for!

Hey! The name is Khaiara but people tend to call me Kay or Khai! I am a junior at Old Dominion, Human Service major and dog lover! I am a die hard humanitarian and my goal is to help people the best I can! The world is big and I just want to leave my mark! My hobbies include drawing, painting, and occasional blogging! Before I started writing for HC ODU I ran my own personal blog site http://www.discoveringwoman.com/. I love writing and plan to continue after I graduate. Follow me on social media if ya want @kaymurrlli
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