Types of People in a Snowstorm

Snow isn’t a super exciting thing in the North but can seem like Hell Looming Over in the South. Everyone handles snow differently, NBD. These are some of the people you might find in the South during the occasional but frightening snowstorm (aka Snowmageddon).

The Polar Bear (aka Barbeque Dad of the North)

Nobody has anything on this guy, cause he’s the MAN. Most likely grew up in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the Dakotas. He’ll continue to grill, in his sandals. After snowblowing the driveway, cause that’s how people with balls do it.

Source: SunBriteTV

Literally Any Northerner

“The people here are crazy!”

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The “Mell of a Hess”

This person sees one snowflake and runs for the hills. Can be seen panicking about whether they will be able to make it to work tomorrow.

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The Winter Wine Mom

*pours 2X the usual amount of wine*

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The Redneck

Takes their precious monster truck and does donuts in an empty parking lot. Goes out with their redneck buddies and snickers at everyone without a truck as big as theirs. These bastards are the first ones to be able to get out of their driveway.

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The Faker

Claims to be tough in the cold says that they can “handle” the snow. As soon as they step outside, they are shivering and begging to go back in the house.

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The Grocery Store Tornado


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The Slippy Slider

Likely driving a small car, this person has lived in a warm place their entire life and has no idea how to drive in the snow. Use extreme caution around this person. Seriously.

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Have fun in the snow everyone!