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The Top Five Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

While 2020 may have had us all staying at home, the fashion industry and new trends continued to thrive throughout it all. Some would even say that it opened people up to being more outgoing with their fashion, as putting together cool outfits and trying new things was kind of 2020’s brand. With that being said, 2020 opened up new doors for fashion in 2021 and now with summer right around the corner, the list of new trends seems to be endless. HerCampus ODU decided to compile a list of all the top summer fashion trends to keep you in the ever changing loop of style and to know some staple items to look for this season.

Vintage Style

It appears that the top trends from the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s are all making their way back at the same time. Bright colors and patterns, big hair and highwaisted everything - from jeans to bathing suits - are some of the more major elements of this trend along with colorful clay jewelry, claw clips and knit halter tops.

Royal Blue and Tangerine Orange

These two colors are THE colors of Summer 2021. Not only do they pair well together, but they are the perfect colors to play around with if you are not comfortable working with crazy patterns just yet. Along with that, these two colors compliment every skin tone!

Silk Scarves

Scarves are becoming the perfect summer accent whether you wear them in your hair or as a top. There are so many viral videos on how to tie these scarves and many of them come in all kinds of patterns and colors. You can find a lot of these at thrift stores for a super affordable price!

Color Coordination

Even though mixing colors is trendy, perfectly coordinating an outfit based on one color has been all the rage as well. A lot of people use color coordination when working with patterns as this is a good way to keep look cohesive still. Lastly, wearing two pieces of the same exact color to have a monochrome outfit has also become all the rage.

Natural look

The “no makeup, makeup look” and minimal hair has really taken off recently,  especially since over the last year when there wasn’t anywhere to get all done up for.This is personally one of my favorite trends because I think it's beautiful and promotes the true beauty we all have. Not to mention, makeup can cause breakouts especially during the summer when you may be sweating more so this is the perfect pool or beach day look!

Remember that your style is all about what you feel most confident in and it is unique to you! Never forget that you are beautiful and can wear whatever you want! Have fun with it and have a great summer!

Hi there! I'm Maura Olson the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at ODU. I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Communications. I love writing, photography and participating in my extracurriculars.
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