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College students have a lot on their plates. We are constantly trying to juggle classes, work, extracurricular activities, a social life and our own well-being. We are lucky if we get time to relax, let alone stay organized! Thankfully, I have some tips and tricks that have helped me stay in order for most of my college experience.

Seasonal Cleaning

My first tip is to go through your belongings every season. This is the perfect time to put your winter clothes in storage and bring out your summer clothes. It also is the perfect time to get rid of stuff if you need too. Always remember to try to donate things if you are getting rid of anything. If you are like me and have trouble letting go of things try to use the “six-month rule”. The six-month rule is something to use when going through your belongings every season. If you can’t decide whether to get rid of it or not: ask yourself “Have I used/needed this in the last six months? And/or will I use it or need it in the next 6 months?” Using this rule has helped me declutter my life.

Give Your Belongings a Place

My second tip to staying organized is to make sure that everything has a place. It makes it much easier to stay organized when all of your belongings have a place in your room/house. I made it a new task of mine to try to put everything that’s laying around back into its place before I go to bed every night. Obviously that won’t get done every night, but I feel accomplished when I do it.

Organized Doesn’t Mean Perfect

My last and final tip is to not stress about being perfect. Those organized rooms that you see on social media were placed that way to make it seem perfect for their feed. Not everybody is 100% organized everyday in his or her life. Life and college will get in the way, and that is okay. We have to remember to take everything one day at a time, even if that means that our house/room won’t be perfectly organized everyday. As long as we are taking steps to stay organized, then we are on the right track towards staying arranged as a college student.

Hello! My name is Kassidi Adams, and I am a senior at Old Dominion University who is majoring in Professional Writing. I am the Marketing and Publicity Director for Hercampus at ODU. I spend my free time writing, playing with animals, or giving back to my community.
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