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Spring Break Survival Guide

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Spring break is near and college students all round have begun the countdown. College spring break can easily be the best or worst time of your time of your life. I have traveled the last couple of years for spring break and let’s just say, I learned a thing or two. Here is my survival guide to making your spring break the best time of your life!  

1. Know your limits

Source: Gihpy

While we might tell our parents that alcohol will not be involved, most of you have already envisioned how wasted you will be getting while partying it up with your friends. Practicing safe drinking is vital for surviving spring break. If you are adventuring to a hot location, make sure that you are monitoring how much water you’re intaking compared to liquor. I can’t tell you how many times I saw people passed out on the beach due to their irresponsible drinking, embarrassing.

2. Friends, keep them close

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With all the chaos that goes on while partying, it is extremely easy to separate from your friends. The buddy system is a VERY important thing to stay on top of while enjoying your vacation. If you are traveling in a big group, make sure everyone elects someone to be their buddy for the day and promise to be connected at the hip throughout your adventures for the day.

3. Know phone numbers and location(s)

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Okay, so the buddy system may not have worked and now you’re alone. It is vital that during your trip you now at least one group member’s number. In most spring break destinations, the cab drivers will hand out business cards. KEEP THEM. I cannot begin to tell you how many times those cab drivers saved my life when all else failed. Most importantly, know where you are headed and where you are staying. You can’t make it home if you only know your room number.

4. Sunscreen

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Well, this depends where you go but it is necessary in tropical spring break areas. You do not want to make the mistake of ditching sunscreen and end up looking a like a lobster and being in pain throughout your spring break journey. Not fun.

5. Keep cash

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You shouldn’t go somewhere with only your debit/credit card. Also, make sure you have enough money to get you through the break. Spring break is full of activities that could easily result in you losing your card or spending all your money. This is when being responsible comes into play. Your friends do not want to play mama/papa bear and have to buy you food so that can you survive.  

Follow this guide and you’ll be sure to have a sucessful spring break! 

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