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Reasons Why December Birthdays are the Shit

If you happen to have been blessed with a birthday that falls in December you are often faced with the statement, “that must suck,” after revealing your date of birth. You might even be asked the question, “Do you get skimped on presents?” Ignore those negative comments. Despite what people may think, having a December birthday is probably one of the best gifts you could have ever been blessed with in your life. Here are a few reasons why December birthdays rock.

Decorations are everywhere you look

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Paper streamers may be cool in other people’s minds but nothing beats a sparkly Christmas tree.

Double the presents

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One of the best feelings was opening presents on Christmas morning and seeing your siblings’ faces when you got the most presents.

Best treats

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Pie, cake, cookies, candies you name it. You even get to drink chocolate.

Time off from school and work

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Most businesses are closed for a few days, giving you more time to celebrate.

The best movies

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It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf and many more movies that are so special because they are meant for this one amazing time of the year

New Year’s Eve is around the corner

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This means the partying doesn’t stop.

So next time somebody makes a negative comment towards your December birthday, tell them how it really is. You’ll have them wishing they were a December baby too.

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