A Random Research Journey: Chunky Yarn

I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing plenty of people on the Internet try hand-knitting. This has become a new trend in the last few months or so, after the start of the DIY trend. Knowing how to knit myself, I had some questions like, how many skeins do you need for one blanket? How much does the yarn cost? How can I find a source that I can trust?

First, I looked around for cost information. I got some wacky results.

The Google shopping results were all over the place, so I tried to search again with different terms.

The fifth link looked interesting, so I clicked on it.

Something was not right about the photo. It didn’t seem like someone could knit a blanket that big with just one skein of that yarn. But the price seems good. I looked down at this product’s reviews for more information. Just as I suspected, someone else thought that there wasn’t enough yarn, either.

I quickly realized I wasn’t getting anywhere with cost or number of skein information and turned to YouTube.

FINALLY. But I tried to click on the link she had to purchase the yarn and got stuck again.

Another YouTuber had a link that worked, and it was an Amazon Product. Here is the video:


And here is the link to the product:


Just in case you feel the need to try this yourself.

On this research journey, I learned that you need anywhere from 6 to 8 skeins of yarn to complete a blanket like this, which I expected. I also learned that because it is an internet trend, it is selling EVERYWHERE. I’d recommend buying it from a link that you know someone else (like a YouTuber) has purchased from.

Happy hand knitting!

Title picture source: Pixabay