Preparing for Halloween on a Budget

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Halloween is just around the corner! You’ve got decorations to buy, maybe a party to plan, but most importantly, a costume to buy. As a college student, you’re most likely strapped for money and can’t afford really extravagant decorations or a really fancy costume. That’s okay though because you can still have a great costume and great party decorations without spending a lot of money!

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Make your own costume

If you can’t make the entire costume yourself (or if it would just be way too stressful to do so), make what you can! You can still make a pretty great costume with what you already have in your wardrobe though. If all you have to buy are accessories, that’s more money in your pocket for party decorations or food. The less you have to buy, the better.

If you absolutely have to buy items for your costume, try to get them as cheap as possible. You should also try to get clothes you’ll wear again even after Halloween, that way you’re not just spending money on something you’ll only wear for one night and never again. Thrift stores can help with this since they’ll have a lot of items at low prices.


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Make your own decorations

It’ll be time-consuming, but making your own decorations will not only help you save some money, it’ll allow you to add your own creative touch to your party too. There are a lot of decorations you can make with everyday items that you probably already have in your home.

If you don’t have the time to make your own decorations or you’re just not really crafty, you can always go to dollar stores. There’s a lot of cheap decorations there that can help make your party look great. You could also try to find stuff at a thrift store, but there’s no guarantee you could find anything there.


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Make your own food

Obviously, it may be easier to order food already made, like pizza, but you can always make your party snacks yourself. Things like chocolate dipped pretzels or cookies are pretty easy to make, and you can make them in bulk too. Plus, it’ll be cheaper to make them yourself, and you can always use what’s leftover to make something for yourself later!

You’ll even be able to get your friends to help you out in making decorations and food, so you’ll be able to turn it into a fun day with friends! If you ever need any ideas for cheap costumes, decorations or food, you can always search on Pinterest. There are millions of great ideas on there that you can take advantage of. Happy Halloween, Monarchs!