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With the ODU Basketball Season closing to an end, there is no doubt that this 2022-2023 season was one to remember. With both Men’s and Women’s teams currently being in the top five in the Sun Belt Conference (the Men’s with an 18-11 overall record and the Women’s at a 20-10 overall) it is clear to see that both teams strived for greatness this year. The Women’s team wrapped up their season with a final away game (7-6) against Coastal Carolina on Friday, and the Men’s team defended home court (11-4) that same night against Marshall. Both teams are set to soon tackle the Sun Belt Tournament on Tuesday in Pensacola, Fla., although we have yet to figure out who the Monarchs are going against, it will surely be games to tune into as they plan to reign on!

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  • ODU Women’s Home game against Appalachian State Feb. 16, won 65-71.

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  • ODU Men’s Basketball Home game against Southern Miss Feb. 22, won 64-69.
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