that night..


You were interested in me, I didn’t feel the same.

You’d DM, I wasn’t with the games.

A few months went by, I was living the perfect life.

My roommate called you bae, but you were still trying to play.

With me.

I kept my distance, but you were persistent.

I was drunk, you were eager.

You saw that as your chance, while I didn’t stand one.

I said no, but you didn’t care.

Friends could’ve stepped in, but they didn’t want to intervene.

You felt accomplished.

You felt cool.

You bragged about it all around school.

I felt disgusted.

I felt betrayed.

I didn’t understand how you could hurt someone this way.

I blamed myself.

How’d I get so drunk?

I’d constantly ask myself.

You destroyed friendships.

You broke me down.

You took away my voice.

Rumors begin to spread

While I couldn’t even bare sleeping in my own bed.

I pushed it to the back of my head

As I wiped away all the tears I shed.

Alcohol became my best friend

It seemed to be the only thing to help me mend

The numbness

Something I never wanted to end

A year went by

I started to forget about that night.

Then one day,

You texted me.

I guess you thought it would be funny.

All the pain that I had tucked away,

Was yanked out into the light.

I went back to that very night.

Though it’s extremely blurry

Tears filled my eyes in a hurry.

The pain

The regret

The hate


Your tricks that you played, left me to feel this way

Your five minute game?

Well, I hope it was worth all this pain.

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