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The Man Behind The Turntables: DJ 2 Nasty

If you are a student at Old Dominion University who attends social gatherings or any events on campus or in the Norfolk area in general, there’s a strong possibility you’ve encountered Brandon Pearson. Although, you may know him better as DJ 2 Nasty. This 24-year-old Richmond, Virginia native is a student at ODU. He is currently majoring in Industrial Technology with a minor in Business. He is expected to graduate in the spring of 2018 to then pursue a master’s degree in actuarial science all while continuing to build himself as a brand. Fortunately, I had the opportunity of getting to know Brandon a little bit more in depth. If you’ve ever wondered what a go-getter looks like, look no further because here one is.

HC: What made you decide to pursue a DJing career; what was the ‘ah hah!’ moment?

BP: I was born into it. My dad was actually a DJ and the first time I touched a turntable I was two years old. My ‘ah hah’ moment was when I was in high school and was asked to get a business license to DJ a middle school dance and school pep rallies.

HC: How did you get started?

BP: I got started doing holiday events with family and then my dad bought me 2 lopsided broken ass turntables and I was doing parties in the back room for family.

HC: How are you turning your passion into a business?

BP: I’ve always been really passionate about big sound and I’m actually starting a sound company with a few of my friends. I’m taking different avenues for DJing and turning it into other opportunities. Other than that I love DJing and I’m taking it one day at a time.

HC: What are some of the positive and negative effects of being up and coming?

BP: Positives… I love the different connections I’m able to make and being able to put a smile on people’s face. Knowing they’re having a good time, because of me. The negatives are when I don’t get the credit that’s due and I’m unable to keep everyone happy. There’s always someone who has something negative to say and it’s impossible to please everyone and that is what keeps me humble. People don’t realize the hard work that goes into DJing, they assume it’s easy.

HC: Are you satisfied with where you are in your life right now?

BP: No, I mean I’m happy and blessed, but I do have a long way to go and I’m not finished yet. Just know, this year is one of my secure the bag years… remember that.

HC: What makes you want to continue to hustle?

BP: Basically to not to see anyone connected to me struggle. I grew up broke and I was still blessed compared to others, but it was still hard. I want to be able to help my family without having to struggle to do so.

HC: What or who inspires you?

BP: I would say for who, it was always for my grandfather. He had a bright personality and always wanted to make ppl smile. My parents are the reason I’m here and DJ Rayvon. I looked up to him because he exemplifies what I would want to be as a DJ. When I see him climb, it makes me wants to climb even more. Even with my parents, their support has gotten me to this point musically and personally.

HC: What makes you different?

BP: I would say for one my personality and then two, I’m the jack of all trades. There is so much more to me than people think. They don’t know I’m a manager at Kings Dominion, I played basketball, I’ve been to engineering camps. I’m very diverse within myself. When I started taking DJing seriously I realized I could potentially surpass any goal and boundary that I’m faced with.

HC: Where can people keep up with you as far as social media?

BP: Instagram and Twitter, bother are the same @DJ_2Nasty

HC: Are you single? Inquiring minds would like to know.

BP: Yes, I’m single. No crazies. I would like a woman who I can be myself with and who I find physically, mentally, and emotionally attractive. For the most part, I’m chilling.

Getting to know Brandon was a very interesting and fulfilling experience for me. In fact, he was the exact opposite of what I expected him to be. Brandon is a very kind, smart and down to earth guy. If you ever get the opportunity to meet him don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, because he is definitely someone worth keeping an eye out for.

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