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Major Fuckboy Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Sometimes it is difficult to weed out the good guys from the bad. These days it can be really hard because of the various views of how a relationship with someone should be in which we see on social media. Everyone struggles with this and needs some advice at some time or another when seeking a new guy. Here are some obvious signs that point out whether or not a guy is worth your time.

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He loves to talk about himself

This guy absolutely enjoys when you ask him questions about his life. He takes that opportunity to boast about himself and his personal accomplishments. This dude most likely won’t ask about you in return. He may ask how your day was but only so you can ask him the same question and he can talk about his own day.

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He only texts when it’s convenient for him

This includes receiving the, “You up?” text close to midnight, the long-awaited responses and lack of conversation and the ego-boosting texts where he only talks about himself. A guy who is interested in you should want to ask questions about you and get to know you.


He speaks badly of women

Any women, whether that be women as a whole or specifically about groups or individuals. You may often hear him use the terms: whore, bitch, hoe, slut, whack and most definitely crazy. A guy should never say such demeaning things. If he doesn’t have respect for other women then he has no respect for any.

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His choice in music is demeaning to women

The sounds that come out of his speaker are usually songs about partying, drugs and fucking women. You may notice that he rarely has songs playing that have anything deeper than that and this may be a problem. If these are the songs he chooses to listen to, that is what inspires his daily thoughts. This means that he probably doesn’t have that much respect for women when he mostly listens to music that disrespects them.


He says he wants to hang but you never seem to hang out

You often hear this guy telling you that he likes to chill with you and wants to soon. You ask him when and he never seems to have an answer. “Soon” is the operative word here for this. It keeps your hopes up but never locks down a plan which leaves you wondering why.


He asks for nudes

This one should be a no-brainer. If a guy asks you for nudes when he can’t commit to just you, he’s clearly a fuckboy. If this guy doesn’t want a relationship but has the audacity to ask you to send something so personal, he lacks respect and should be put in his place.

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Makes judgemental comments about your appearance

This guy acts like he’s teasing you but in reality, he’s being rude. You may laugh it off but keep your ears open because he might actually mean what he is saying. This is not cool and is a way for him to make himself feel better than you. Believe me, girl, he’s not.

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He’s a clone of all his friends

Birds of a feather flock together as they say. This is very true when it comes to guys. If his friends act like fuckboys, odds are, he’s a fuckboy too. These are the people he spends a majority of his time with, meaning they have a lot in common.


The lack of DTR

You’ve wondered what is going or maybe you’ve even asked what you two are. This guy always says he doesn’t want a relationship or he doesn’t see himself in one. He claims he’s not ready and doesn’t want a label. Run far away from this guy if you want a commitment. Odds are if he’s not ready now, he probably won’t ever be.

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These red flags may be something that you have brushed off with a guy, but since you now recognize them you can confront them. You deserve the utmost respect in any type of relationship with a person and should be treated as the boss bitch that you are. If a guy has any of these signs definitely consider if he is a fuckboy or not and don’t waste your time.

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