Love, Simon: POV From a Hetero

So this week I got to spend time with myself at the movies. The movie of choice on this adventure was Love, Simon! This was a complete spur-of-the-moment adventure and was very worth it! Are personally and a supporter of the LGBT community, so I thought it would be insightful to go see this film.

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For those who are unfamiliar with what Love, Simon could be about, this movie is about the life of an individual who internally knows that he is homosexual but is conflicted about coming out. Without any spoilers, he needs a really great guy who's like himself who supports him within this transition! I'm not going to tell you the whole movie, but if you're open-minded individual like myself, a person who is thinking about coming out or you are a person who has already came out this movie is amazing! From a heterosexual perspective one could never understand the fear, the stress or the emotions that someone who is homosexual, transsexual, bisexual or any type could be feeling.

Source: Buzzfeed

When I watched this movie, it definitely made me more empathetic towards what someone in that type of position will be going through. One of the topics brought up in the movie is that why don't have no sexual have to worry about “coming out” to their parents about their sexuality. It was a funny idea but a valid point. If you’re heterosexual you don't have to worry about your life changing, people's view of you changing or how the world views you can change. It can be very frightening and nerve-wracking because it's a battle between should you cling to the world that you know a little bit longer or be the real you and actually not have to hold your breath anymore. When I think about if I had to make a choice like that, I think I would be just as frightened and terrified about that than anything in my life!

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So, hopefully, I inspired you to want to go see this movie! I truly love it because it doesn't just have stereotypical Hollywood drama. It talks about real life issues because some people feel that the world is changing and “coming out” might not be as difficult as some may think but it can still be a struggle. So if you are thinking about “coming out” or you have I have major respect for you! And I hope whoever else goes to see this movie if they haven't already had this kind of respect, I hope they gain it from this cinematic experience.