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How We Can Save The Earth

To our returning Monarchs, welcome back! To our new students, we’re glad that you decided to join the Monarch family this year and we hope it’s everything you’ve ever hoped for in a college experience. Back to school is such a great time of the year! Everyone’s reuniting with old friends and making new ones. Joining clubs and trying out for sports, we’re all getting in our comfort zone so that we can have a fun and successful year.

While most of the country is enjoying the end of summer and getting in our last beach days and vacations, others are distraught and filled with sorrow. They’ve lost their homes, cars, pets, and some family members. Harvey slammed through Texas, Irma is destroying the Caribbean and soon Florida, places across the Western United States are plagued with wildfires, and this is just what’s happening in the Northern Hemisphere.

I don’t mean to sound negative or to bring down the happy vibes of this time but these thoughts have been haunting me. What is happening to the world? Some will say it’s simply hurricane season, others climate change, but what if it’s bigger than that?

Nothing I’m saying here is fact, simply my thoughts on the current state of the world. With that being said, don’t take it literally or personally.

I feel like change is coming, major change. Something bigger than any hurricane or earthquake is about to shake this world harder than it’s even been shaken before. Mother Nature has had enough and she’s coming at us with vengeance right now.

This plant has been all our homes for generations upon generations but the last few years we haven’t been taking the best care of it. Now that Trump and most his cabinet won’t acknowledge climate change or do anything to help it, it’s up to us. As millennials, we have more power and opportunity than any generation before us and we need to use that to save this planet before it’s too late.

I’ve chosen my top 3 steps everyone can take to help out, but you can head over to BuzzFeed to see a complete list of things you can take to make life on this planet last a little longer!

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1. Buy tubeless toilet paper!

The tube of a toilet paper roll is truly a waste! You can order tubeless paper online, in bulk, which will save you money and a trip to the store!

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2. Invest in a reusable water bottle!

Not only are most of them super cute, they keep your drink cold for hours! Yeti cups became huge over the summer and now they’re starting to die down some so you can find Yeti or similar cups at Walmart on sale!

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This planet is a living and breathing life form, that is filled with living and breathing life forms. It’s like a very complex person and believe it or not, it has feelings (maybe not literally but you get that point!). When you throw your trash on the ground or out the window of your car you are damaging this planet even if you don’t see the direct effects of it. You wouldn’t throw trash at a person, so don’t throw it on the ground!

While these things may not save the world entirely they can help, and if we all pitch in and do a little we’ll make a huge difference! 

Hi everyone, I'm Petra (PEE-truh) and I'm an ODU alumna who has branched out to sunny Southern California. Following graduation, I didn't have too much of a plan for where I was going in life but I knew to stay in Virginia was not an option. I wanted more than what was offered there so I started applying to almost every job in all my dream cities and life led me to San Diego. I now do sales, marketing and social media management for a great startup company, Voterfied. I love everything about San Diego and the work I'm doing here. So my advice to everyone, get out of your comfort zone! Take that leap of faith and let life guide you to exactly where you're meant to be. HCXO, Petra!
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