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Fall is known for its crisp cool temperatures, sweater weather and Halloween. After a long summer, cardigans and hoodies finally come out of storage, leaves change color and the air starts to smell like pumpkin spice. However, one of the most alluring parts of fall is the vast collection of things to do. With Halloween just around the corner, horror movies become more popular than ever, haunted houses and trails begin to open and costume parties become cool again. 

If fear isn’t your forte, you can still go apple picking, visit a pumpkin patch, carve jack-o’-lanterns or make a variety of autumn treats. If I still haven’t mentioned an option that suits your fancy, why not invite a group of friends to a bonfire? Bonfires are a great way to stay warm and connected this fall. Interested in building your own fall bonfire? Read on for everything you’ll need to have a night of fall fun!

1.  Location

One of the most daunting questions you must answer before hosting your bonfire party is where you’ll build the fire. If you or a friend have a backyard you want to do it in, that’s perfect! However, ask for permission from your local fire department first. If backyards aren’t an option, you can choose to build your bonfire on a public beach or at a local campsite. Just make sure that you check the fire regulations and restrictions in the area before setting it ablaze!

2.  Materials

The bonfire is the centerpiece of your party, so make sure you can keep it going! You can gather firewood, large sticks, twigs and leaves. Make sure your kindling is dry or it won’t burn. You’ll also need some sort of fire pit. This can be as simple as a shallow circle in the ground with rocks around it or as fancy as a pre-built backyard fire pit. While placing your kindling, make sure it’s stacked from largest to smallest pieces. Lastly, you’ll need a lighter or other fire igniter. 

3.  Snacks

You can’t have a party without snacks, and luckily fall is full of many warm and delicious flavors. A few favorites of mine are pumpkin bread (bonus points if it has chocolate chips), pumpkin seeds and of course, apple pie. Check out these articles for recipe ideas or use your own!

Five Fun fall Recipes

Favorite Fall Snacks

Fall Snacks You Can Make Yourself

4.  Decorations

Bonfires are all about being festive, so get into the spirit with fall and Halloween decorations! There are so many ways you can go with this! Whatever your style is, you can find the perfect decorations or even make them yourself. Reminder: your party does not have to be expensive! You can create amazing decorations with materials you already have or a quick trip to the dollar store. Here are some ideas:

Fall Wreath

Skeleton Guests

Illuminated Pumpkin Arch

Glow-in-the-dark Ghosts

Witchy Mason Jars

5.  Friends!

By far, the most important part of your bonfire is the guests. Whether you invite a few close friends or the whole town, the people are the backbone of the party! If you want to be even fancier, make cute Halloween or fall-themed invitations to send to your guests. For added festivity, include a dress code – maybe make your bonfire a pajama party, a costume party or just ask your guests to dress in a certain color! The possibilities are endless!

Bonfires are a great way to express your creativity and fall spirit, not to mention to connect with friends and loved ones! No matter how you decide to host your bonfire, make sure everyone stays safe! Keep an eye on the fire  and make sure you extinguish it properly at the end of the night. Good luck and happy hosting!

hi! my name is rebecca. i'm a freshman here at ODU, and i'm a criminal justice major. i love writing, and i'm very interested in politics, social justice, current events, mental health, and arts/entertainment!
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