How to Save Money to Enjoy the College Experience

College can be one of the most exciting times in life. There are so many activities to do and events to go to, not to mention bars and parties to attend. You most likely have a limited income due to school payments, rent, or no incoming money at all because you wanted to focus mainly on your studies. So how is a college student supposed to enjoy all of the fun while living on a tight budget? Minimalism. There are a few easy ways in which you can start minimalizing your life as a college student.


1. Minimalize your wardrobe

Most of the time you are attending class or watching Netflix. There are rarely any occasions in which you need to dress up in college. If you keep your wardrobe small with more monochromatic clothes and less statement items you can increase not only your time in the morning, but you can limit the money you spend on buying new clothes and you can save time and money by doing less laundry. If you need an outfit for a special occasion, you can ask your friends and family to borrow something or visit a thrift store for a cheaper, yet unique outfit.



2. Don’t buy senseless items for your dorm room or apartment

I guarantee the “Live, Laugh, and Love” sign that you stuck to your wall does not have sentimental value compared to a concert ticket you keep that reminds you of the time you saw that awesome musician with your best friends. Making a space feel like home with decorations can be nice, but going out and making memories during those 4 years of college that go by so fast is even better.     


3. Get rid of any “what if” or “maybe one day” items

Everyone has those items that have good intentions but they never end up being used. These items weigh you down and take up space, causing clutter. This clutter will only lead to more stress. Is this item bringing value to my life and keep me happy? If it doesn’t, you don’t need it in your life.



4. Get samples from cosmetic brands instead of buying full sizes

This saves you from buying products you will not like. Everyone has bought something from Sephora and ended up only using it once or twice. This saves you from spending unnecessary dollars as well as preventing clutter in your bathroom drawers and cabinets.  



5. Buy basic groceries

Although food is amazing and trying new recipes on Pinterest makes a great evening, great food is a luxury. Those recipes typically require you to purchase food items or spices that you will probably only use when you make that particular dish. This can be a waste of money and cabinet space. Instead, be intentional with your grocery shopping. Bring a list so that you know what you need and things you will actually eat. This will save you money instead of buying items that you will end up throwing away because they expired.



These suggestions are easy to start and will lead to a life of less stress, less spending, and more time to enjoy the new experiences that life has to offer at college.