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Guide To Thrifting

Sustainability has become a massive trend as big companies are attempting to become more environmentally conscious. Although we cannot stop the amount of discarded clothing from going into our landfills, as a society we can lessen the amount. H&M is one of the many brands that takes any form of fabric or clothing for repurposing along with Adidas making a shoe with the smallest carbon footprint.

A key way to be more sustainable is by thrifting clothing instead of buying from the fast fashion industry. Buying used items is better for the environment, it’s cheap, and you can find unique pieces that no one else has. On the other hand, thrifting can be a challenge. There are so many options in thrift stores,  it can be overwhelming. However, it does not have to be!

Before I head into the thrift store I think of what trends in fashion have been catching my eye. I found that making a Pinterest board of outfits I am inspired by has helped me tremendously. Once I know what I’m looking for, I head into the thrift store. The thrift store is usually divided into sections by men, women, kids, and some are even organized by color which is a huge help. Also, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help to see if they know where certain items may be. Going to a thrift store is not confined to one space and I do not feel like I have to go to the women’s section. The great thing about sustainability and thrifting is that it is about the item itself and not the people. I never feel judged by anybody for what I am choosing to pick which oftentimes in retail I find to be an issue. 

However, if you attempted thrifting and still think that it isn’t for you there are other options! One of the alternatives is going online. For example, GoodFair, Depop, Poshmark, and various other apps and websites sell lightly used clothing that is fashionable and trending. Maybe you have a massive amount of clothes that you do not wear? Well, you can also sell your clothes and if you want to make some extra money. It is better to sell it than throw it away where it will go to a landfill. Thrifting is the way to go because we need to take care of our planet. The more we ignore what is happening to our planet the more polluted our precious Earth will get. Which in turn will not only affect Earth’s processes but can affect our well-being and lead to a multitude of problems that we can prevent by simply going to thrift stores more!

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