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Getting Through Reading You Don’t Want to Do

Let’s be real, reading is difficult. When you want to do it, it’s not so bad, but when you have to do it for classes, it can be a drag! Especially if it’s not something you’re really interested in. Here are a few tips to get through that reading so you can do well in your classes, especially as we come off of spring break and head into the second half of the semester.


Start early.

I’m not saying you have to start reading right when you wake up the day before it’s due or even the day the reading is assigned. What you can do is start as early as possible though. Even if you have other things to do during the day, you could always do a little bit of reading while you’re having lunch.


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Break it up into parts.

If you’ve got a few chapters to read, read one chapter first, then take a break to do something else before you read another chapter. If it’s only one chapter of a book you have to read, then read a few sections before taking a break. You’ll get your reading done, and you’ll have a chance to get some of your other work done too.

Reward yourself.

Get a pack of your favorite candy, open your book, and place a piece (or a few pieces) of the candy on each paragraph (or every few paragraphs, however you want to do it). When you get to that paragraph, eat the piece of candy that’s on top. You’ll get your reading done and you’ll get a reward while you’re doing it too!

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Listen to the reading.

This really only works with literature, but if you can, listen to the books while you’re reading them (or instead of reading them). It works really well if you’re a commuter and you have to drive long distances to and from campus, and it gives you something to listen to while you drive. If you’re not a commuter, you can listen while you’re walking from your room to class (or from class to your room). Audible is a great free resource for anyone looking to listen to their books while on the go.

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Whatever method you choose, it’ll hopefully help you get your reading done! There’s nothing more frustrating than going to class and having a reading quiz that you end up failing because you couldn’t get through the reading. If your professor doesn’t give reading quizzes, then the reading can give you a boost in the course since you’ll know what’s happening ahead of time and can ask questions on concepts you’re unsure about.

Audra is a senior studying English with a concentration in journalism and double minoring in international studies and communications. In addition to her work with Her Campus, she also writes for ODU's newspaper, the Mace and Crown, and she's a brother of Phi Sigma Pi. When Audra isn't writing for Her Campus or the Mace and Crown, she's playing video games, reading a book or sleeping. Her favorite animal is a cat, and she really enjoys cat videos.
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