Five Alternative Girl Groups You Need to Know

I’m always on the hunt for new music, and as an avid music-listener and proud feminist, I am especially partial to female-led groups and musicians. So, for anyone trying to find some new music to get in to, here are five alternative girl groups that are worth listening to.


The Regrettes

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Hailing from Los Angeles, Ca., The Regrettes are an American punk rock band, driven by feminist lyrics and a classic garage rock sound. Frontwoman Lydia Night often puts herself in her lyricism, like on the track “Ladylike / WHATTA BITCH,” where she sings “I heard that girl Lydia is such a fucking bitch / Well I heard that she's a feminist so she must not shave her pits.”

Hit single “Seashore” is a modern-day feminist anthem. Night croons “You're talkin' to me like a bitch / Do you ever hear the way that you speak? / Don't have to be so mean just 'cause you're weak.”

The Regrettes give people the chance to really jam to some old-school sounding music while also tackling modern-day issues. They’re a must for any rocker who needs a good feminist jam.


The Aces

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The Aces are an all-female band from Utah. They’re new on the scene, and their debut album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic” was released April 6 of this year. Their sound is more mellow, ready for any road trip you’re about to take.

Hit single “Stuck” is a broken heart pop ballad and features lyrics like “Seasons, they always seem to stay the same / I'm holding on to things we said we would change.” But since the release of that single, the band has matured on to a more traditional pop-rock sound with a bit of an old-school influence.


First Aid Kit


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The Swedish duo that is First Aid Kit are sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg. First Aid Kit’s music leans more towards indie folk and is authentic in the songwriting and lyricism.

The band has been in the music scene for over 10 years now and just released their fourth album, “Ruins,” Jan. 19 of this year.

First Aid Kit’s music appeals to any female looking for direction and the first track off “Ruins,” has the sisters crooning “Is it all because of my rebel heart?” in a desperate tone that any wild spirit can relate to. Most of their music stays simple and true to the heart, making their sound very genuine and likable.



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MUNA is an LGBT electronic-pop band from Los Angeles. Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson make up MUNA. Much of the band’s appeal stems from their social awareness and their politically charged music.

"I Know A Place” is all about having safe spaces for people who may need it. Lead singer, Gavin, beautifully croons “I know a place we can go (yeah) / Where everyone gonna lay down their weapon,” in an effort to establish a place with no judgment or bigotry.

MUNA makes music for people who need someone to lean on sometimes. Their music genuine and true and absolutely meaningful.



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This sister group is made up of Danielle Haim, Este Haim and Alana Haim. HAIM are an alt-rock group who jumped into the scene with their debut album in 2013. Their sophomore album “Something to Tell You” was released last year.

Their music is relatable and enjoyable. The hit single “The Wire” describes an awkward breakup. “Want You Back” is about an unrequited lost love.

The band, albeit a bit quirky, stay honest and interesting. The group has been compared to acts like Fleetwood Mac. Their traditional indie rock sound makes them all the more appealing and a must for any lover of music.


These are just a few of my favorite girl groups. While it’s always been harder for women to break out in the music industry, these five groups have made their names well-known and are worthy of any Girl Power playlist.