Dealing With Writer's Block

Maybe you’re trying to write a paper for a class, but the words aren’t coming to the page. Maybe you’re trying to write an article for Her Campus, but the ideas aren’t flowing through your mind. Deadlines are approaching, and you’ve been struck by the dreaded writer’s block. Don’t worry though, it happens to the best of us! Here are some tips on dealing with it!


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Look at what’s happening around you.

A lot happens in the world every day. Tweets are being made. Sporting events are happening. New music is being released. You’ve probably got thoughts on what’s happening in the world, so share them. Let your voice be heard.


Look at what’s happened in your life.

Maybe you come from a military family that’s moved around a lot over the years. Maybe you had a life-changing experience. You could write about the events from your past, and maybe they could help someone else dealing with the same thing now.

You don’t even really have to look at your past. Look at what’s happening to you now. Maybe you’re a freshman who struggled with the transition to college and now you want to share your experience with others to try and help them. Maybe you’re a senior getting ready to graduate and want to give others tips on how to prepare for life after graduation.

You may not think your experiences are that significant, but you never know who’s facing the same struggles as you and could benefit from some advice from someone who’s been through it too.


Talk about your interests.

We’ve all got our favorite things to do outside of class. If you’re really into fashion, share fashion tips you’ve picked up over the years or talk about your favorite styles of the season. If you’re into music, talk about your favorite artists or songs from your favorite genres. If you like eating out, talk about your favorite places to eat near campus.


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Ideas can come from anywhere. They can come from the TV shows and movies you watch, they can come from the games you play, they can come from the experiences in your life… Just about anything can be turned into an idea for your paper or an article. It may take a little work to craft it into something you can write about, but no idea is a bad idea.