Campus Cutie: Binh Pham

HC: Where were you born and raised?

BP: “I was born in Vietnam, but I came to the U.S. when I was about three years old.”

HC: What was it like for your parents to move here to America when you were little?

BP: “My parents had different poverty sides. My mother side was rich, and my father side was poor. When we moved over, we grew up in the struggling poverty area and had to start from scratch. It was tough for my parents as they try to reach for the American dream. They had to work two separate jobs. Barely had time for their kids, but when they did, dedicated as much love and time as possible. Their friendships were made with other Asian that moved over or family that already migrated over”

HC: Were there any struggles such as bullying and not finding your clique while growing up as an Asian-American?

BP: “Growing up, It was hard defining who I was. Inside, I always felt more oriented with the American culture rather than my homeland, Vietnam. Most of my friends were American, and few to none were Asian. I felt this silent urge where to fit in; I had to orientate with the American culture. This happens all the way through my lower education to high school. As college reaches, I find my inner self more free and willing to experiment.“

HC: How are you involved on campus?

BP: “I’m basically the financial lead for APASU, but before being the financial lead, I was very involved with the housing and residential life. I was an RA  for the Monarch Villages. Before being an RA, I was the President of the Scotland and England dorms.”

HC: Why did you want to get involved with APASU?

BP: “At first, I did not want to join APASU. I did not want to follow in the footstep of my brother. He was the marketing lead, and I didn't want to be compared to my brother. So instead my freshman and sophomore year, I was in other organization. I was the president of my Scotland & England dorm, Senator in SGA, and a Resident Advisor in the dorm. One day, I felt that I should be more cultured so I joined APASU and it was one of the best decision I made all year.“

HC: What do you do as the financial lead for APASU?

BP: “As the financial lead, I manage the overall budget that it's around ~10,000. I allocate and monitor money flow throughout the organization. We are the go-to if money is mention.“

HC: Do you have any advice when managing money and finances?

BP: “My advice is to keep a budget and a notification whenever money is spent. As you get notified everytime your credit/debit card is swiped, you can see that it's blowing through it fast and this might help with future thoughts on splurging on those new shoes.“

HC: Other than APASU, what do you do on the side?

BP: (Laughs) “My life outside of APASU is pretty boring! I basically work at Inmotion Hosting, which is a web hosting company. I try to socialize with my friends and APASU family, but other than that, I have school and work.”

HC: What are the best parts of your college career?

BP: “The friendship that is created. The memories that are formed. The knowledge that is obtained.”

HC: What are the worst parts of your college career?

BP: “The lost friends as you progress in your college friends. Whatever the case may be, it seems like some people always go a different route and it's hard to keep track on them."

HC: Are you in a relationship? If so, how long? 

BP: “I am! It’s been a month and a half” 

HC: Any advice on love and relationships? 

BP: “If she is worth chasing for, go for it! That’s how I got with my girlfriend, but don’t come off too creepy! Try your best to pursue that person. And always make sure she is happy.” 

HC: Do you have any pets?

BP: “Not at the moment. When I was a kid, I used to have a couple of birds, dogs, and cats. They were all named simplistic, so if they were brown, their name would be like "brownie”.“

HC: Any advice on for new or interested APASU members?

BP: “Don’t be shy! Be ready to have fun and eat a lot! The APASU family tends to socialize a lot, and having family dinner is one of them!”  

Be sure to catch Binh around the U-Center in the Webb! If you or anyone you know wants to be featured as the next campus cutie, email [email protected]!