Breastival and Fun Walk

Here at ODU, we hold the best and biggest festivals all-year around. Since October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month are coming to an end, what better way to celebrate and spread awareness than at ODU?!

The Breastival was sponsored by the Women's Center and co-partnered with SHS (Student Health Service) and the Health Promotion. All monetary funds went towards Susan Kane Foundation. The event was small, but many people showed up to walk around the tables, donate, and to sign up for the walk. Though I couldn’t walk around the Kaufman Mall, I was able to take pictures of the short walk.

I am involved in 3 organizations on campus; since I am involved in SHAC (Student Health Advisory Council, which deals with promoting and educating health in all aspects), our table was at the Breastival having our own pumpkin smash! The pumpkin smash was a way to spread and cope with emotional health; people could smash out their anger, stress, and anxiety (especially during midterms!) on a pumpkin. The costs were only $1 per hit on any pumpkins with any tools (Mallets and a bat), $2 for 3 hits, and $5 for an unlimited amount of hits on any pumpkin.

The Breastival and SHAC’s pumpkin smash was such a fun event to be a part of under a busy week of midterms and schoolwork. It’s always fun to get involve and be interactive with others! It’s even more fun when I am able to share my events with everyone!