Affordable Fashion Hotspots For College Women on The go

With this past year being spent mostly at home, dressing up has been put on the back-burner for many. Stores have taken this opportunity to change the type of clothing that they usually sell, catering to the current need for more Loungewear. However, many businesses tend to inflate the price to the point where you have to ask yourself, “Do I really need to pay x amount for a pair of sweatpants?” Her Campus at ODU has compiled a list of stores to get some of the most comfortable, trendy, and affordable clothing for all your loungewear needs.

  1. 1. Cotton On

    Cotton on is a store that is mostly known for their signature basics while also having a wide array of seasonal trends to spice up any outfit. The store is also known for its very relaxed and streetwear vibe. Cotton On has always had a lot of loungewear and have recently begun to produce higher quality athleisure. The store also has many significant sales throughout the year that make a big difference on the price tag making this store ideal for college students.

  2. 2. Amazon

    Amazon seems to have a special place in everyone’s heart, especially when it comes to cost. While Amazon clothing can be hit or miss in the quality department, the company has lately stepped up their game, especially in their loungewear. Much like Cotton On, Amazon has a wide array of athleisure in a variety of sizes for shoppers to choose from for the same Amazon-loving prices. Also, as student you can get a discounted Amazon Prime membership which helps a lot when it comes to finding even better prices on the site.

  3. 3. Walmart

    Surprisingly, Walmart has a ton of affordable loungewear that many are attributing their unique style to. In fact, Walmart has started selling more name brand items for discounted prices such as Nike and Adidas. This has made higher quality loungewear more accessible.

  4. 4. Target

    While Target has always had its fair share of loungewear, they too have stepped up their game when it comes to matching sets and oversized tees, which are fan favorites. Target has exceeded expectations by allowing shoppers to create their own matching set, by releasing pastel-colored sweatshirts and sweatpants separately. Now you have a choice to create your own matching set or just purchase one.

  5. 5. NastyGal

    NastyGal has several options for loungewear and clothing, ranging from one-of-a-kind styles of leggings to sweatshirts. The frequency of sales makes the clothing extremely affordable; however, stay vigilant because it is much easier to overspend with everything appearing so cheap. Although shipping takes longer than most people may prefer, each piece of clothing is very high quality for the price you and would make a unique addition to your wardrobe.