5 Spring Essentials that You Should Invest In

Spring weather has snuck up on us already and before we get too late into the season, it’s time to prepare your spring and summer essentials to keep you cool and cute during the warmer months. From accessories to year-round must-haves this list has everything you need to be ready to go this spring.

  1. 1. A Canvas Tote Bag

    These bags are the perfect way to carry around everything you need for a warm day. I can’t ever leave my house without mine because it fits everything from a water bottle, to a book and even a change of clothes or shoes. Not to mention, they are a super sustainable way to shop. Just turn down the plastic bag offered at the counter and make use of all the space in your canvas tote! Since they are starting to become more and more trendy, stores like Urban Outfitters are stocking up on them, but Etsy also has a huge supply of trendy and customizable totes!

  2. 2. Glossier Cloud Paint Blush

    The cream blush is the best way to achieve that, “just out of the sun” pink glow, but without the skin damage . It’s super lightweight so it doesn’t clog up your pores, comes in eight different colors and shades and is only $18 for a product that will last you a while! A little bit definitely goes a long way! I have had my Glossier Cloud Paint in the shade “Beam” since last summer and it isn’t even close to running out, even though it’s a part of my everyday makeup.

  3. 3. Pastel Nail Polish

    Lately, I have been seeing pastel nails everywhere, from Tiktok to Pinterest,even in real life. Using a lighter nail color is an easy way to make your hands look more tan, even if you haven’t had a chance to get outside and soak up some vitamin D. Not to mention, they go great with pretty much any piece of clothing or outfit because of how muted and easy to style they are. My go-to at the moment is the Sally Hansen Instant-Dry in the color “Thyme is Money,” which borders between a light gray and sage green.

  4. 4. Spiral Hair Ties

    We have already seen the rise and fall of scrunchies, and claw clips are now everyone’s go-to hair accessory, but these spiral hair ties are a go-to for me. Unlike claw clips, these are actually impossible to break, and don’t leave your hair with any breakage. They are super gentle and could work on all different hair types. They sell them at places like your local CVS and on Amazon and they are a great alternative to the classic hair ties if you are trying to protect your hair, especially since the last thing anybody wants is sticky, sweaty hair on the back of their neck!

  5. 5. The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

    Recently, sunglasses have been a great way to show off your sense of style and personality, without spending too much money! Not only are they the perfect way to dress up any outfit, but they are also a must-have when the sun finally starts to peek out from behind the dreary winter clouds. Small 90’s style sunnies are especially trendy right now, along with rectangle lens and extra-large frames.