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As the weather gets colder, our skin will get drier. One of the main causes of skin drying out the dry air and cold. Also, according to WebMD, skin can get very irritated from all the hot water and heat which strips the natural oils that retain moisture for the skin. Luckily, these products will help dry skin stay glowy and hydrated throughout the winter!

1. Cetaphil Moisturizer

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This moisturizer is life for dry skin during the winter (all-year around, actually). Not only is Cetaphil is for all skin types, it gives a glowy look to the face when it’s dull. It’s affordable and not too harsh on the skin. Two to three pumps will go a long way.

2. Bath and Body Works and Lush Exfoliants

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These two brands are simply the best for exfoliants. They both have a wide range of products and they’re worth the price. According to BioEffect, Exfoliating the skin helps improve circulation, brings moisture to the face, and minimizes pores. However, be sure not to over-exfoliate because it will cause more dryness and more wrinkles to the skin, according to LiveAbout.

3. Facial Oils

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From jojoba to argan oil, oil is essential to moisturizing dry skin, according to Vita Lives Free. The skin needs oil in order to reduce wrinkles, bring back moisture to the skin, and it gives the skin a nice glow. According to skincare expert, Renee Rouleau, it is recommended 4-6 drops of oils in your nighttime moisturizer to prevent dry air coming to your skin.


4. Sheet Masks

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Sometimes your skin may need a break from all the oils and moisturizers. According to Orgaid, sheet masks are known to lock in moisture with its active serums. Plus, these masks can come in packs as well. Be sure to look out for those!

5. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner

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Believe it or not, witch hazel actually can be a perfect toner for dry skin! It nourishes dry skin, removes dirt and oil, according to Natural Living Ideas.

Make sure to try out these types of products to find out what works best for you!


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