Why Style is Important Even When Staying Home

Coming from someone who does not own any sweatpants (well, aside from my eight-grade Juicy sets of course), I am not really one to sit at home in loungewear on a normal day, let alone on a day of a pandemic. Even if I did have the means, I probably still would not participate and I have some reasons why. I mean, the end of the world, means my final days may be near. You never know what could happen. My end should not be made in nothing less than the very best of fashion. All jokes aside though, it only makes sense to want to feel and “look” your best on these days at home, if not to prepare you for when the quarantine is over, but for your own mental health. 

Sure, there can be some bad days or off days, but maintaining style, i.e. your sense of identity during these times, is more important than ever. For someone like me, who has always seen fashion as one of the most authentic forms of self-expression, of art, this is a necessity for me. As much as clothing and style is a form of showing others who you are, it is also the most genuine way of showing ourselves who we are on a daily basis. Facing the mirror, looking at that person in the eye, and seeing what we want to want to be, can only be tested by how we present our identities or styles. 

And, this does not have to change even when we are forced to stay home during this temporary quarantine.

Now, maybe your identity is defined equally by the cozy warmth of a Champion sweatsuit or the hype of changing pajamas throughout the day. Keeping up with your style while at home in this challenging time is important to keep your self confidence up, your ego strong and ambitions high. And, this does not mean you have to put on your Chanel pumps and Dior LBD for your Zoom classes. It means putting an effort towards getting dressed two or three times a week while making a conscious effort to think about yourself. The idea of dressing up is essential now as it could bring a positive effect in your life.

If you are thinking of “dressing up” just to have dinner with your dog is dumb, you are wrong. Do not feel guilty about wanting to be better, feel better, or look better once in a while. Use this time to search for your most authentic form, learn more about yourself, and you may discover more about who you want to be. Take this time to try something new and spice up your style by wearing the ghosts of your closet’s pasts. You may be surprised at what fashion, or precisely, what personal style may bring you.