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Want Your Dream Closet? Rent the Runway May Be the Answer!

Everyone dreams of floating down the New York City streets in Hermes scarves and Jimmy Choos like Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City. But, when your living off of a freshman’s meal swipes and dining dollars to afford Ramen noodles and cold Chick-fil-A from Weinstein, your version of New York glamour may be reduced to baggy Abercrombie sweats and convincing yourself your sixth grade Tamagotchi is the new Fendi pom keychain. However, Rent the Runway may be the answer to all your fashion desires!

Located on 30 W 15th Street, Rent the Runway is a company that allows you to rent designer clothing and accessories for a fraction of the cost. With over 100,000 options, Rent the Runway gives you the freedom to experience luxury without breaking your college budget. Some contemporary designers include 3.1 Phillip Lim, Zadig Voltaire, Rachel Zoe and Free People. If you are looking for something a little bit more grand, the company also offers dresses and formal wear from brands like LM Collection, Jill Jill Stuart and Fame and Partners. Be sure to check the company out for formal, date party of future interviews this spring! It is as easy as browse, rent and return!

Rent the Runway also offers a unique opportunity on campus for those looking to gain an experience in fashion and networking. If you are looking to join their ambassador team, look out for fall applications! Also, be sure to check out the Campus Insider program on campus by following their instagram @rtroncampus. The team hosts special events on campus each month, featuring giveaways, contests, and in-store happenings. Look out for special opportunities happening this month by following the campus manager’s Instagram account @itsautsams!

Rent the Runway allows you to make your closet exactly the way you want it. Your style, size and budget may change, so now your closet can too!
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Junior at New York University, studying communications and business. Follow her style page @itsautsams.
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