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The Top Five Stationery Stores in New York

Summer is gone, and it’s time to ring in the new school year! If you’re anything like me, sometimes you need a little somethin’ somethin’ to keep yourself motivated. For me, nice stationery really helps me get through the day as it makes me want to keep working just to see the beauty of a fresh pen and notebook. If you relate or want to try out this little trick, here are my favorite places to shop for stationery in New York!

Goods for the Study

Two subtle little nooks separated by a wall in SoHo, Goods for the Study offers a myriad of supplies: while the notebook half of the shop is stocked with things you can write on (notebooks and cards), the pen half of the shop consists of shelves neatly lined with labeled jars of things you can write with! You can grab and test out pens and pencils as you wish on the writing pad in the center of the shop. My personal favorite after testing everything I could is the Pilot G-TEC-C4, which is perfect for those of you who also like fine, inky lines. If you have any questions, the workers at Goods for the Study are super friendly and helpful as well!


If you grew up in any city with a Muji location, you are probably very familiar with their famous gel pens and minimalist Japanese stationery. And if you didn’t, you will be happily surprised — everyone that I’ve introduced Muji to has always responded to their first Muji pen testing with a look of, “OMG! I love this,” and you will probably be no exception. Check out their stores which are scattered all around the city — and prepare your wallet.


A classic. Whether you’re an avid bullet journalist or a stationery noob, Moleskine is the one for you. While they’re a bit expensive, the quality is definitely there — they aren’t a cult-favorite for no reason. The close proximity to the NYU campus is also a huge bonus!

Morning Glory

A bit out of the way, yes. An essential part of my childhood as a Korean-American, also yes! Most people I’ve met are reluctant to go beyond mid-lower Manhattan for anything, but I personally recommend traveling to other boroughs for the full New York experience, whether it’s to shop, eat, or just explore. If you are ever in Queens and have time to shop around, make sure to check out Morning Glory, a Korean stationery store with hard to find and super cute goodies imported from Asia!

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

While I don’t exactly go to Flying Tiger for stationery, I’ve found that it’s an awesome place to get cheap but functional supplies and you can probably walk in and walk out with something you didn’t even know you wanted: as the store’s site says, they have the things you need, the things you’ve dreamed of, and the things you didn’t know existed. The last time I went, I bought several mini canvases and acrylic paint for an amazingly low price, and the experience of walking around the store is like walking through your most buried memories and more. Definitely worth the visit, whether you have a product in mind or just want to browse.

We hope this helps you in your hunt for supplies that spark the most joy. Happy Fall 2019, everyone!

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Jamie is a senior at New York University majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication. Born and raised in Queens, she has always felt a deep connection with New York and eventually ended up attending both high school and college in the city. Some of her favorite things to do when she's not writing up her next piece include playing with makeup, reading a good book (her 2019 reco is Haruki Murakami's 1Q84), and talking about astrology (shout-out to any fellow Scorpios). After graduation, she hopes to continue her career in both the beauty and public relations/influencer marketing industries.