Top 6 Pop Culture Events of 2018

2018 is undoubtedly the best year of culture and entertainment, with events that have inspired millions to take part in growing movements of diversity and empowerment. This year, we have seen a rise in collective agency to undermine the status quo of network television and film that has been excluding marginalized groups for decades. The pop culture events of 2018 have inspired and empowered women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. Here are the top culture events of 2018:

1. Black Panther

Marvel’s Black Panther was the most anticipated movies of 2018 with an all black cast. Not only were fans excited about minority representation in mainstream media, but it also had an interesting plot line with an emotionally resonant villain. The movie made box office history with $1.344 billion USD as of May 2018, making it the ninth highest grossing film of all time. Black Panther marks a major milestone by exploring what it means to be black in both America and Africa, providing an empowered representation of black people. Wakanda Forever!

2. #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has gained traction on social media, with millions of woman courageously voicing their experiences of sexual harassment or abuse. It all began with a New York Times report in which 80 women came forward with reports of rape or sexual harassment against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The MeToo movement has brought healing and empowerment to many survivors, starting a national conversation to bring about social change.

3. Beychella

Beyonce was the most anticipated performer of Coachella this year, headlining the festival after having to cancel last year due to her pregnancy. Beyonce’s performance at Coachella broke a YouTube record, drawing in 41 million live views from 232 countries on the first weekend of the festival. She brought out Jay-Z, Solange, and Destiny’s Child. She also sang what is known as the Black National Anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” mixed with her song “Freedom.”

4. Royal Wedding

On May 19th, 2018, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, an American former actress. Being a biracial woman, Markle is seen by many as a step towards the modernization of the historically white and elite monarchy. Quite different from Prince William and Kate’s wedding, this ceremony was held in a small chapel with less dignitaries invited. We celebrate this beautiful couple and are excited for their baby on the way.

5. Queer Eye

Queer Eye is one of the most important TV shows on right now. Not only because it has amazing fashion, but also because it is all about what brings us together despite our differences. In each episode, the team of five fabulously dressed gay men help out a man who is struggling in areas like cooking, health, grooming and relationships. While one is guaranteed, this TV show is not only about a successful makeover - each episode crosses religious, racial, and cultural boundaries.

6. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians was an unprecedented movie and a win for Asian Americans in mainstream media. This movie was the first time that an all Asian cast was not represented by typical Asian tropes and stereotypes on screen. This Hollywood film was a box office hit, reshaping the landscape and grossing $236 million world wide. The movie also explored the identity of Asians in America with the importance of blending cultures. The extravagance, the fashion, the comedy, and the sentimental values definitely made this one of our favorite movies.

We hope you enjoyed all of these golden pop culture moments as much as we did…we can't wait to see what 2019 has in store!

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.