Top 5 Spotify Playlists of October

If you’re like me, you LOVE making and sharing new playlists on Spotify. I always get excited on Mondays to click on my Discover Weekly, and finding a new song you love is the best feeling. (How do they always know the exact songs I’m going to keep listening to forever?)

I just finished crafting my newest fall playlist, and the beginning of the school year is the perfect time to discover new music - especially because it’s about to be concert season! So, while you compile the songs you’ll be listening to all season (or all week, or all month - however you organize it), here are 5 playlists to give you some musical inspiration! (P.S., shameless plug - feel free to follow me on Spotify at @official_cc for playlists I update all the time!) 

BIRP! October 2019 (@BIRP)

BIRP (which is hilariously pronounced like “burp”, but actually stands for Blalock’s Indie/Rock Playlist) is one of my go-to playlist creators to find new indie music and deep cuts - I first discovered Maggie Rogers in 2016 on a BIRP playlist! Every month, they create a playlist with the best indie songs of the moment, featuring a wide range of styles but always with a very high "cool" factor. If you’re looking to discover a brand-new artist, or just listen to some bedroom pop or lo-fi rock, this playlist is the perfect way to get started. Bonus points if you put your friends on to their next favorite unknown artist.  

Caro’s Picks: “Milagro” - The Lagoons, “lucy” - Soccer Mommy, “Comme Ça” - South of France

The Most Beautiful Songs in the World (@Spotify)

This playlist absolutely lives up to its name. Whether you’re looking to snuggle up under a blanket with a mug of coffee and sit by the fire (or in NYC, just a laptop - but can’t we live out our fall fantasy?) or just taking the train with your headphones in, this playlist consistently delivers the most gorgeous sonic experience. Don't be surprised if you put on this playlist expecting a casual listening session and have tears in your eyes five minutes later. Fall is the perfect time to get a little moody, and what better way than with songs that feel like you’re looking out the window on a chilly, rainy day?

Caro’s Picks: “Olympic Girls” - Tiny Ruins, “Bird” - Billie Marten, “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano - Sampha

autumn harvest (@Kalyn Nicholson)

A perfect traditional fall playlist, this one includes a range of artists with a gorgeous, acoustic fall sound. This playlist is perfect for reading a book in the park on a cool day or just walking to class bundled up in a big scarf and disconnecting from the world around you for a moment. If you have any remaining summer blues, the smooth voices and gorgeous instrumentals in these songs will take you out of that frame of mind ASAP - it’s the perfect blend of folk, pop, and indie for your October. (It doesn’t get too sad, though - that’s a job for another playlist!)

Caro’s Picks: “State Lines” - Novo Amor, “Upper West Side” - King Princess, “The Subway Song” - Delacey

Singled Out (@Spotify)

This playlist is the perfect way to find new music and artists this fall- just in time for concert season, too! It’s updated every week with brand-new pop singles, so you might want to give it a follow and check back weekly. This one is especially good if you love pop music but you’re getting sick of the same Top 40 songs you hear all the time. There’s usually a wide range of sounds and artists, and sometimes you’ll be surprised when an artist you love drops a song you weren’t expecting! Conversely, you might find a new artist and learn that they have an amazing discography of pop - it’s a win-win.

Caro’s Picks (week of Sept. 29): “Navy Blue” - Charlotte Lawrence, “Trampoline” - SHAED feat. Zayn, “Slide” - H.E.R. feat. YG

Signed XOXO (@Spotify)

This playlist is always full of gems; it’s all R&B crossovers, so this is an extremely versatile mix of R&B, trap, pop, rap... you name it. This one is also updated weekly, so you’ll never run out of songs; I find that the music on here is often perfect for walking down the street with a suede jacket on and headphones in. However, there are a wide range of moods available on this playlist, from parties to breakups to study sessions and everything in between; the Spotify curators absolutely know what they’re doing when they pick the songs for this one. This playlist is proof that autumn doesn’t just have to be for acoustic guitar and folky, ethereal vocals. 

Caro’s Picks (week of Sept. 29): “Change” - Arin Ray feat. Kehlani, “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” - Princess Nokia, “Hair Down” - SiR feat. Kendrick Lamar

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