Top 5 Spotify Playlists to Check Out This Month

It’s February and that means the year and semester is in full swing! Your tunes should match that, too. If you’re looking for some new music to jam out or study to, here’s five Spotify playlists you should check out this month.

Beast Meets West by Spotify

Description: A one-stop shot for global Asian bops.

Mood: Asian music is becoming more and more popular in America. Check out these awesome jams by both Asian and Asian American artists.

Artists: Mitski, Yaeji, Steve Aoki, Awkwafina, Jay Park, Joji, and more.


Low Angle View of Lighting Equipment on ShelfElectro Swing by Spotify

Description: Old meets new. Classic swing harmonies and modern beats.

Mood: If you’re looking for some study music you can bop to, check out these 20s beats with a modern spin.

Artists: Wolfgang Lohr, Odd Chap, Swing Republic, DJ Mibor, Caravan Palace and more.


90’s Love Songs by Spotify

Description: Tight roll your jeans, break out the CK1, and set the mood…

Mood: Valentine’s Day might be over, but these songs never fail to brighten your mood. Listen to these songs with someone special or jams out on your own.

Artists: Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, and more.


Red Heart Drawed White Printer Paper on Pink Surface

Rainy Day by Spotify

Description: Wrap yourself up and revel in a gray day with these dusky, dreamy tracks.

Mood: February weather in NYC is kind of a toss up. If you’re stuck inside on a cold, gloomy day, curl up and relax with these soft indie tunes.

Artists: Billie Marten, The Lumineers, Hozier, The Paper Kites, Fenne Lily, Lily Rose, and more.


Bokeh Photography

Black Girl Magic by Spotify

Description: BGM never sounded so good! #BlackHistoryIsNow.

Mood: Showcasing some well known and up and coming black female artists, blast these tunes at your next get together.

Artists: Rihanna, Estelle, Beyonce, Sade, Janelle Monae, Aretha Franklin, Young M.A and more.


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