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Buried in quizzes, midterms, and papers? You need to take a well-deserved break! Once in awhile, everyone needs to focus on self-care and just take a breather. What better way than to indulge in binge-worthy shows? We’ve curated a list of the best Netflix releases of this year. If you’re a foodie, love drama and dystopia or want a good laugh, we’ve got the perfect show for you. 

The Chef Show 

If you loved the movie Chef you might want to indulge in this cooking travelogue series. Jon Favreau, who starred, wrote and directed Chef alongside Roy Choi, embark on a journey like no other. The Chef Show explores the rich flavors across fascinating cities, cultures, and people. Most importantly, each episode, the duo comes together to celebrate meals with friends and family. The series shows how food weaves itself into our cultural fabric, homes, and fondest of memories. You might even be inspired to do some cooking of your own!


Leila is a critical take on a mother’s unwavering love for her daughter. Set in a dystopian future, the government has enforced purity as the law of the land. Races and religions are not to mix. Mixed children are not to be born. The story begins when Leila, the daughter of Shalini and Rizwan, is snatched by authorities without a legitimate explanation. Based on the 2017 Indian novel “Leila” by Prayaag Akbar, the Netflix adaptation depicts Shalini’s impassioned search for her daughter along with her rebellion against the nightmarish, totalitarian regime of Aryavarta. Leila will send chills down your spine but without a doubt, keep you hooked till the end. 

When They See Us

Based on the infamous 1989 Central Park Jogger case, When They See Us recounts the horrific injustice experienced by the five African American teenagers, labeled the Central Park Five. The limited series highlights the effect of institutionalized racism in our criminal justice system on the lives of innocent, young black men. We get to witness the Central Park Five’s fight to prove their innocence and eventual exoneration in 2002. Co-written and directed by Ava DuVernay, Oscar nominee and Emmy winner, this gripping portrayal demands a watch and discussion on the current state of established American institutions.


Special is a poignant series based on Ryan O’Connell’s memoir, “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves”. The show focuses on Ryan, a gay man with cerebral palsy, who revamps his identity after getting hit by a car. When Ryan is no longer defined as “the guy with a disability,” he finally embarks on a journey to live the life he truly wants. The unconventional yet hearty series captures the hardships and humor of trying to navigate your 20s that we all can relate to. Plus, it’s produced by O’Connell himself and Jim Parson from The Big Bang Theory. 

Dead to Me

Looking for both drama and comedy? Dead to Me is the dramedy you’ve been waiting for. Jen, played by Christina Applegate, is grieving the loss of her husband who recently died in a hit-and-run accident. She resorts to a support group, where she befriends Judy, played by Linda Cardellini, an optimist who is suffering a loss of her own. Jen’s pursuit of the culprit of her husband’s death sheds light on the different ways we grieve, love and forgive. It’s a show which will make you laugh, cry, and feel everything in between. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of binge-worthy Netflix shows! 

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Fareeha is majoring in Economics and Public Policy at CAS and only has two more years to go at NYU! Originally, she’s from Bangladesh, a country known for its breathtaking natural beauty and torrential monsoon rains. But she spent a few years in the hot, humid climate of Dubai and on the coastal city of Jakarta. On Her Campus, she writes what she's passionate about; everything from crazy politics to pop culture.
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