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Tips for Starting the New Semester



Hi everyone! Welcome back! It’s been a few weeks since the spring semester started here at NYU. Hopefully, by now, you are all settled in your new schedules and classes! Maybe last semester you were cramming all night for finals, living on a steady diet of coffee and fast food, or maybe you are just coming back from study abroad! Whether you are a freshman starting your second semester or a graduating senior starting your last semester, here are some tips to help make this semester better than last!


1.     Stay Organized With a Planner (Digital or Paper) 

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It is so important to keep all of your tasks/plans all in one place. It may seem daunting at first to start putting everything into one place. Trust me, once you get into the habit, your future self will thank you for not forgetting about that one paper that’s worth 30% of your grade. 


2.  Outline Your Budget 

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Kellyn Simpkin / Her Campus

Maybe you spent all of your dining dollars by the third week of school last   semester, or you don’t have a meal plan this semester. Either way, outline your budget and know what you are spending. Brunch twice a week may seem like a great idea until you realize the toll it takes on your wallet.


3. Go to Office Hours 

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Your professors are there to help you, but only if you ask! Don’t be afraid to go to office hours if you are having trouble in a class. Using those office hours will help show your professors that you are on top of your work. Who knows, you might be able to get a letter of recommendation from your professors.


4. Time Management 

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Minh Pham / Unsplash

Time management is an important life-long skill. College is the best time to learn and master that skill. Spending your weekend doing a paper may not sound like fun, scrambling before the deadline the worst. Staying on top of your homework, internships, clubs, and making sure you have time to participate in every aspect of your college career is a skill that will help you later on in life. 


5. Make Friends 

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Hannah Nelson / Pexels

Maintain your current friendships and branch out to make new ones! Surrounding yourself with positive relationships will enhance your semester and change your experience for the better! Reach out to people in your classes to study with, join clubs, or even reach out to new people in the communities you are already in. 


6. Self Care

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Self-care is one of my favorite things to indulge in (hello facemasks!), but this includes more than just a skin-care routine. Allow yourself to indulge in your favorite activities, enjoy a night out with friends, and let yourself sleep in sometimes! Give yourself the space to relax and indulge at times. In the long run, it will help you to enjoy your semester and make the best of it. 


7. Sleep

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Kinga Cichewicz

Sleep is so important. I cannot emphasize this enough. Getting enough sleep should be a priority for a successful semester. You will work better, feel better, and overall be a better student when you have 8 hours of sleep. All-nighters aren’t worth it, and it can be detrimental to your grades. 


With these tips, I wish you a successful 2020 spring semester! Good luck this semester everyone!

I am an MCC major with a focus in fashion. I love to shop, especially for designer bags, and you can always catch me at the next sample sale! I love writing about sample sales and which one I am headed to next.
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