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In a life filled with uncertainty, it’s easy to gravitate to astrology and horoscopes for some guidance and answers. Whatever situation you may be in, we’re all guilty of looking to astrology for some assurance. 

People use astrology to gauge their success, love life, happiness, and relationships with other people. However, there’s a spectrum as to how seriously they actually take it. On social media, there is definitely a subculture where astrology lovers exist. They make posts about how astrological signs react to certain situations, the common traits they have, the moment they’ll meet their soulmate, and etc. Personally, I would just wonder how my horoscope would tell me to anticipate a promotion at my job when I don’t even have one. There are even apps that exist to send you notifications that’ll give you a glimpse of what your day will look like and what obstacles you may have. And if you’re wondering, I was definitely one of those people who downloaded CoStar for daily horoscopes and obscure messages that I tried to relate to my everyday life. 

I will admit that there will be times where some of these posts and apps have some accuracy to them. However, there are also those times when you read horoscopes and they seem pretty vague, difficult to apply to your current situation, or just become super complicated overall. I remember when I first learned about how Mercury being in retrograde threw off everyone’s astrological charts, the alignment of the stars and what not. Nevertheless, my point is that there is also an intricate side to astrology that some people don’t know about, including myself. This side involves the actual planets and the existence of moons. Along with your astrological sign, you can have a moon sign that might resemble characteristics from another astrological sign. For example, I’m a Leo with an Aries moon this month. 

I’m not sure if I am a true believer in astrology but I will admit that it is entertaining to read about my sign and see if anything that my horoscope said coincidentally happens. Maybe if I had a true grip on what it means to have different moons, I would be more involved with it. I have met so many people that have told me that astrology is bull. Sometimes, I find myself agreeing with them but that doesn’t stop me from scrolling through astrological posts on my Instagram explore page. 


Currently a Junior at New York University studying English literature and Creative Writing. Loves a good book, cheap fitness classes, and a lava cake here and there.
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