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         As a college woman living in one of the biggest and most fast-paced cities in the world, you most likely don’t have time to read through every newspaper or website to stay informed with the most up to date news headlines. Enter theSkimm, where they do the hard work for you and package up the most important news in an entertaining daily email.

The women of theSkimm are quickly revolutionizing news and media as we know it today. Sifting through the copious amount of information thrown at us in this digital age they have become the witty filter of all the news a college student or young professional needs to know to successfully contribute to conversations throughout the day. Making your life easier, theSkimm will keep you up to date on politics, international affairs, entertainment, and even sports in under five minutes. And did I mention that theSkimm is one of the only news sources that is actually funny and enjoyable to read?

The story of the founding and rise of theSkimm is one any college student could connect to and aspire for. Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, the founders of theSkimm, are two ambitious young women just in their mid 20’s who met whilst studying abroad in Rome. Almost as if it was fate, the two reunited years later when they both landed jobs as producers at NBC News. However, the ladies soon began to realize, as their friends would frantically come to them asking for a news overview before a big interview or a dinner party, that there was no quick and easily absorbable news source for the on-the-go young adult.

 From there the duo quit their jobs at NBC and theSkimm was formed from their living room couch in the West Village (yes, that’s right: they were also roommates at the time). With the original goal of reaching young, working women living a fast-paced city life (hence their undeniably chic logo) they began to build out a loyal audience base and a recognizable brand. Despite this target demographic, the tone of theSkimm does not discriminate and is a highly relatable source of news for women and men of all ages. I am proud to admit that even my father is an avid Skimm’r!

Going from your apartment couch to reaching the masses is a difficult task, however, the team has used natural outreach tactics to expand their audience. In addition to the obvious efforts through social networking, theSkimm has developed an ambassador program (or “Skimm’bassador” program) to organically reach more subscribers. And it’s worked! With the help of the $1 million in funding theSkimm received almost a year ago from Homebrew, a venture capital fund, the ladies now have over 500,000 subscribers, better than average open rates, and a partnership with Oprah!

The ladies of theSkimm have successfully revived both morning news and email with their fresh and relatable tone that makes their newsletter a blissful part of your morning routine. And if this hasn’t made you want to immediately become part of the #SkimmLife then maybe the fact that Oprah, Sophia Bush, Lauren Conrad, our very own AnnaSophia Robb, and numerous other well known opinion makers all subscribe will!


Subscribe today at: http://www.theskimm.com/?r=22WPE

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest under the handle @theSkimm 

Sarah is simply a small town girl from Massachusetts trying to make it in the big city. She is a freshman majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication with a dream of breaking into the fashion and media industries. Besides fashion and New York City, Sarah adores the fall, yellow labs, One Tree Hill, and pumpkin bread.
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