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Temptation: NYU FBA’s Fashion Show 2016

FBA’s biggest event of the year and one of the most looked forward to events during the spring semester, is the annual Spring Benefit Fashion Show. The show is hosted every year in April and all the proceeds from sponsors and tickets go to a charitable organization or nonprofit related to fashion/the fashion industry. The proceeds from this year’s show are going to the Nest Organization, a nonprofit that helps to advance global artisans and homeworkers socially and economically through supply chain transparency, sustainable business development and widespread industry advocacy. Tickets for this event cost $5 for NYU students and $7 (in advance) to $10 (day of) for non-NYU attendees.

The year’s show had a great turn out. It was held in the Kimmel’s Rosenthal Pavilion on Saturday April 30th at 3pm and lasted about 1.5 hours. The theme this year was Temptation: A New York City Window Shopping Experience and all of the collections and pieces were stunning, colorful and eccentric. The show is always student run, with student designers, student models, student photographers and many well-known sponsors. Some of the companies that sponsored the event this year are Insomnia Cookies, David’s Tea, TreSemme, Don’t Ask Why and Vela Jewelry.

Members of FBA have been working hard all semester to throw together this stunning and successful event. Over 100 people were in attendance! Working at this show on the Public Relations Committee was an amazing experience. I had always wanted to be a part of a fashion show and this was finally my chance. To prepare for the show I reached out to various NYU students and students at other art schools in the city to encourage them to attend/participate in the show. I posted flyers throughout NYU buildings, and I also spent time advertising the show in Washington Square Park by sporting FBA T-shirts and handing out swag bags with FBA gear. On the day of the show, I greeted people, gave out raffle tickets, got a glimpse of the show behind the scenes, and of course, got to watch the whole show unfold. Halfway through the show there was an intermission where guests were able to grab something to eat from FBA-themed candy, to mini hot dogs, chips and cheese and crackers. When the show was over, everyone got to walk away with an awesome swag bag full of goodies from the show’s sponsors: some of the bags had T-shirts, coupons, water bottles and hair products.

For those of you who don’t have the connections or money to attend a NY Fashion Week Show, this is the show for you. It was an amazing experience and a great way to witness the vision each young designer had in developing their own collections. I would recommend anyone interested in fashion to attend and/or join FBA!

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