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Street Style: Lily Watson

Name: Lily WatsonSpotted: Palladium Dining HallYear: 2016Hometown: San Diego, CA


HC NYU: How would you describe your personal style?LW: I guess it would be kind of be a combination of vintage and thrifting, but would also kind of be like-- I don't even know how to explain it.  Kind of kitschy and tacky I guess. 

HC NYU: And what draws you to this type of style?LW: I just feel like it expresses my personality, I guess. 

HC NYU: Where do you usually like to go thrifting?LW: I'm from San Diego, and we have an awesome store called Flashback, which is a combination of thrift store/vintage store.  It's really awesome. 

HC NYU: What about Buffalo Exchange?LW: Buffalo Exchange is okay, but it can be kind of expensive.  It can get surprising. 

HC NYU:  So you like clothes with more of a personality and a history?LW: Exactly.  But I also believe in finding hidden gems in basic stores, you know?  Looking really hard for awesome stuff . 


Along with hummus, coffee, and Jon Hamm, Claudia's interests also include writing. She wishes to pursue a career in the editorial world and has experienced several previous editorial internships. She is currently studying Media, Culture and Communications at N.Y.U. along with an Italian minor.
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