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Street Style: Christine Woo

Name: Christine Woo
Spotted: Starbucks
Year: 2017
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


HC NYU: Describe your personal style.
CW: It’s just all over the place.  I just kind of wake up and throw all of it together, then that’s it.

HC NYU: Which items do you gravitate towards in the cold weather?
CW: I would say sweaters, legging, boots– the usual.

HC NYU: Since coats become the main things we see in the winter, are there any particular styles in coats you go for?
CW: I usually just do a black pea-coat, or the kind of coat I’m wearing now.  It’s basically just for the fit and the fact that they go well with everything.

Along with hummus, coffee, and Jon Hamm, Claudia's interests also include writing. She wishes to pursue a career in the editorial world and has experienced several previous editorial internships. She is currently studying Media, Culture and Communications at N.Y.U. along with an Italian minor.
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