A Recap of College Fashion Week NYC: Affordable Outfits and Body Positivity

Whoever thought that fashion week was over was wrong. On Saturday, October 10th, 400 fashionistas crowded into New York City’s Santos Party House for a night full of singing, dancing, and clothes. Thanks to Her Campus, College Fashion Week NYC gave many girls, like me, the chance to attend our first show! Some even luckier ladies earned the opportunity to walk the runway at the end of the night.

Upon arriving at the Santos Party House, I knew I was in the right place. There was a long line of beautiful, fashionable women rounding the corner of the block, waiting to get in. Women of all ages were in attendance, and some men made their way in too. I met so many girls who were affiliated with their school’s Her Campus chapter, and everyone was just as excited as I was to see the show.

Inside the venue the music was pumping, an enormous disco ball was shimmering, and hot pink lighting animated the runway. There was some time before the start of the show and so much to do. Jamberry Nails, who supplied all of the nail art for the models, had a table set up to help guests perfect their own nails with complementary nail stickers. There were different backdrops to take pictures with your friends, and best of all…free eyebrow waxing! European Wax Center not only did the models’ eyebrows, but they were glad to do guests’ too. Talk about pampering. I immediately wished I had arrived earlier, because all of a sudden performers were taking the stage.

Opening the evening was an all male acappella group: Columbia SHARP. Aside from the fact that these guys go to our rival school, they were awesome. I must say, it was nice to be serenaded by a group of college boys in black ties. They were cute, a little nerdy, and crazy talented. I would let them serenade me anytime.

After that, we got to witness an incredible performance by Teenear. First off, Teenear is EIGHTEEN, but doesn’t look it. She sings, dances, and performs like a pro. In no time at all, Teenear managed to get the entire audience on their feet and dancing along to her upbeat R&B melodies. I’d definitely keep an eye out for her in the future.

Finally, show time! The runway was like no other. All of the models were college students - AKA real women of various shapes and sizes. The girls looked beautiful in their Milani makeup done by Glam Squad, an app-based beauty provider that specializes in making women runway ready. Forever21 provided all the clothing, Sorel supplied the shoes, and StyleWatch Magazine curated each of the looks. The fashion was affordable and precisely reflected current campus trends. There were 70s-inspired looks featuring flared, denim jeans and A-line skirts. I saw lots of plaid, long comfy coats, and layering. There were casual looks for class as well as outfits for going-out and partying. Mixes of relaxed and dressy pieces, like cropped t-shirts paired with lavish skirts, were frequent. Most notably, I learned that “glitter is a neutral,” and that as long as you’re wearing confidence you will look amazing in anything. Needless to say, College Fashion Week was the perfect showcase of stylish looks on a college student's budget.

(And it didn't hurt that I left with an awesome swag bag, either).