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Podcasts to Keep You Steady This Finals’ Season

With finals just around the corner, finding the motivation to be productive can be difficult. Below we’ve curated a list of podcasts to boost your motivation, ignite your creativity, and fuel your curiosity. Happy listening! 

The 5 AM Miracle

The weekly podcast by Jeff Sanders is all about “dominating your day before breakfast.” According to Sanders, this can be accomplished by establishing a powerful morning routine consisting of early-morning habits and rituals. These habits are the key to Sanders personal success as a marathon runner, entrepreneur, and vegan. The podcast features experts and celebrities like Stephanie Gibson, Ted Ryce, Deepak Chopra, and Shivani Gupta. Even if you’re not a morning person, please feel free to check out recent episodes of the podcast featuring tips for building productivity. This includes coping with an over-programmed life, overcoming breaking points, and redirecting focus.

This Is Uncomfortable

The role money plays in our lives today is undeniable. This is Uncomfortable is a podcast series hosted by Reema Khrais about life and how money complicates it unnecessarily. In her weekly episodes, Reema dives into stories which reveal the  unanticipated ways in which money affects relationships, shapes identities, and defines adulthood. Reema engages in difficult and uncomfortable conversations like friends borrowing money, relationships etc. 

Unlocking us with Brown Brené

Hosted by researcher and #1 New York Times best-selling author, Brené Brown, this podcast unpacks and explores the ideas, experiences, and stories that reflect the universal experience of what makes us human. Her podcast is a real, unpolished, honest tap into the messiness and magic of being human. With some incredible guests like Hanif Abdurraqib, Brown tackles topics such as ‘Art, Culture, and Black Performance.’

Anything goes with Emma Chamberlain

Emma truly has a LOT on her mind. Using her podcast as a means to talk about anything really, Emma expresses her thoughts, conversations, and advice on topics ranging from relationships to dealing with failure to the struggles of being a cat mom and ridiculous yet relatable friends stories. The raw, intimate series might be serious at some moments, but it’s mostly funny and always entertaining. Personally, I enjoyed the ‘Traveling Alone’ and ‘The Instagram Illusion’ episodes the most. 

Consider This From NPR

Keeping up with the news today is more important than ever. Every weekday afternoon, the hosts of ‘All Things Considered’ help you make sense of a major breaking news story and explain what it means for you in a brief 15 minutes. Some of the recent episodes explore what the jury finding Derek Chauvin guilty of murder means, the 9-5 work culture, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause and many more interesting and highly relevant topics!

That’s all for this time! I hope these podcasts help and intrigue you too. Let me know if you give any of them a shot, or if you have any podcast suggestions.

Manika is a sophomore majoring in Media, Culture and Communication and minoring in the Business of Media at NYU. While her heart lies in the sand dunes of Dubai, she couldn’t be any happier to live in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Manika has the biggest sweet tooth that always welcomes desserts so if she’s not found chasing pretty pink sunset skies, she can be found digging into desserts! When she isn’t found doing either of these, she’s definitely snuggled up in bed rewatching Friends for the millionth time! Reach out to her on instagram for comments, suggestions or simply say hi @manikaa.p
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