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Orchid Beach: Five Ways Bathing Suit Shopping Just Got Easy

            With Spring Break just around the corner, you hear it: whispers in the corridor, mutterings in front of bathroom mirrors.  Words like “bikini season” and “juice diets” float through the air, the pressure that comes along with the longtime dreaded process of bathing suit shopping forcing girls to go to extreme means to find the Holy Grail of a form-flattering bathing suit.  For most, the process is painful, kind of like plucking your eyebrows after putting it off for two weeks.  Chances are, though, those most haven’t shopping at The Orchird Boutique.

            The Orchid Boutique is an online luxury boutique for all things designer swimwear.  Don’t, however, let the adjective “designer” daunt you.  The company is far from your average designer stores and is more about helping your wallet stay heavy for all those Spring Break adventures you’ll be sure to have.  Here’s how:


1) They’re Kind of a Big Deal

Started in 2007 by husband-and-wife team CEO Mayra Jimenez and CFO Ivan Rincon, the company has gotten props from a few names you may have heard of: InStyle, PeaopleStyleWatch, Women’s Health, Lucky, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to boot.  Gaining most attention from their website but also having a showroom in Miami (swimsuit central), the company ships to over 170 countries worldwide.  When you realize that the world is inhabited by 196 countries, you realize that number is definitely not too shabby.



2)  They’re Super Figure-FriendlyAs soon as you open The Orchid Boutique’s page, you automatically see how different it is from your usually shopping site.   Not only is it divided into cateorgies such as “Swim,” “Brands,” and “Ours Only” but lets you shop according to your shape in such a way that you know they get the female body.  Never again will you feel the struggle of trying on a suit advertised to you and realizing the designer actually had no idea what he or she was doing.



3) They’re Items Are Exclusive

Many of the products you see on The Orchid Boutique are items you can’t get anywhere else.  The gorgeous swimsuit pictured above, for example, is the Mosaic Del Mar One Piece from one of the store’s exclusive brands, Mar De Rosas.  Trust us when we say you’ll have no trouble standing out in a banging suit like this.



4) They Really Are Designer Swimwear

And also resort- and active-wear.  The boutique heralds top industry names such as L*Space, Agua Bendita, Maaji, Trina Turk (above), and Vitamin A (just to name a few).  They also hold claim to a slew of accessories and other clothing that perfectly compliment your Spring Break sand-garb.



5) They’re Dishing Out a Special Discount

Just for NYU students too, to make you feel special.  But hurry—this is a limited-time offer and Spring Break is closer than you thing.  Hurry to The Orchid Boutique NOW and use the promo-code “NYUBREAK” to get 15% off your entire purchase!  You won’t be sorry you did, either: Orchid Boutique is the designer swimwear that makes bathing suit shopping fun.  

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