October’s Can’t Miss Sample Sales

It’s that time of year again! And I’m not talking about spooky season or Christmas just yet (it’s still too early don’t @ me). It’s the start of sample sale season! Though sample sales can be all year round (trust me on this one, I go to at least two sales a week), October to December is the real hot time for sample sales to be popping up in preparation for the holiday season. Get your wallets ready, because this October, there are some great sales you CANNOT miss. 

Rebecca Minkoff is honestly one of my personal favorite sample sales. They usually host 2 sample sales a year (fall and spring) at 260 5th Ave. You can find some great deals on so many bags. At the last one, I scored 3 bags for $168, which is less than retail for a few of the bags I purchased. They have a great sample table with some of the best deals. I got a great small black leather bag for only $30 that I use literally all of the time and a white leather backpack for $50. They also have a good selection of ready to wear clothes, but I am in it for the bags. If you can, check it out on one of the last days as well- they tend to discount even more on the last 2 days of their sales so you can get even better deals. You bet that I will be at this next one!

When: Oct 22-27 

Where: 260 5th Ave New York, NY

Jimmy Choo is another great sample sale I would not miss. At the last one, shoes ranged from $150-$650, which is an absolute STEAL. They have great selections of shoes in all sizes and their bags are also a great deal. I got a gorgeous clutch for my mom for her birthday for only $350. Be aware that this sale can get a bit messy and some pairs may be damaged, but overall they have a lot of great stuff available. At the last sale, they discounted even more towards the end, so that is definitely something to look out for at this sale. 

When: Oct 23-26

Where:123 West 18th St 2nd floor New York, NY

Manolo Blahnik’s sample sale will have you unleashing that inner Carrie Bradshaw you didn’t know you had. These deals are absolutely insane, as you can score a pair from this iconic shoe designer at only $200. The only downside is that you might have to get there at 4am to score these deals, but, hey, commitment am I right? Usually this sale can become a madhouse but they have been getting better at managing the crazy amount of people who show. Rumor has it that this might be their last sample sale ever so go check it out- there may not be a next time.  

When: Oct 24

Where 54th St and 6th Ave New York, NY (you’ll for sure know when you see the long line of people wrapped around the block) 

Happy shopping!!! 

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