This Month’s Must-Listen-To Podcasts

Guess what? It’s the start of Fall already! If rushing to classes, working on homework assignments, and taking those first quizzes is bumming you out, we’ve got a treat for you: a curated list of this month’s must-listen-to podcasts. If you wanna “venture” into venture capitalism, learn about cooking from the best in the biz, and hear true-crime stories that will give you chills, we’ve got a podcast for you. Happy listening! 

Business Casual 

Morning Brew’s Business Casual delves into the most explosive headlines in business. Each Tuesday, Kinsey Grant discusses one major trend in the business world and probes experts for their insights and perspectives on the changing financial landscape. Expect to hear about venture capital, big tech, and everything in between. Business Casual’s first guest was our very own NYU professor, Scott Galloway. Kinsey and Galloway talked about the impact and mechanism of breaking up the big four tech companies, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (sometimes Microsoft). Listen in to learn about the fascinating developments and changes that are happening right in front of us! 

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Can’t get enough of the talented, quirky and hilarious test kitchen chefs from Bon Appétit’s viral Youtube channel? Looking for a new restaurant to check out? Want to know how to have the perfect picnic at Central Park? Bon Appétit’s Foodcast has all of the answers and more. Learn everything you need to know about cooking from Bon Appétit chefs, rising or prominent chefs, writers and foodies.  The podcast might even inspire you to treat yourself with a home-cooked meal!

Available on: Apple / Spotify 

Ctrl Alt Delete

Join Emma Gannon on her Webby-nominated Ctrl Alt Delete podcast as she discusses the issues we face in the age of the internet. Ava DuVernay, Gillian Anderson, Richard E Grant and many other prolific thought-leaders and creative individuals have been guests on her podcast. Gannon’s most recent episode discussed the politics of periods with Emma Barnett, an award-winning broadcaster and journalist. Ctrl Alt Delete has over 4 million listeners across 100 countries and has been recommended by the Sunday Times, WIRED, Esquire, and WNYC Studios. If you want funny, honest conversations about our changing world, this podcast is for you. 

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99% Invisible 

Every Wednesday on 99% Invisible, Roman Mars brings human-caused issues we often don’t think about to the forefront of our minds. Why are benches intentionally designed to be uncomfortable? How is the Chinatown aesthetic so foreign to people from China? How did humans develop the classic cartoon sound effects we still see in movies today? The most recent episode was centered on dead cars in Bethel, Alaska and how they’ve come to embody the junk problem in the city. When listening to the podcast, you’ll surprise yourself by learning about all the things you never really paid attention to. 

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Calling all true crime fanatics - you need to listen to Criminal. Created by Criminal and Radiotopia, Criminal takes a deep dive into stories about colorful characters and bizarre crimes. The most recent episode focused on John Buettner-Janusch, a renowned anthropologist who is credited with being the first American to study lemurs. He was the head of the NYU anthropology department in 1973 and had held positions at Yale and Duke. It was later revealed that he had maintained an illegal drug-making facility in his lab (yup, Walter White style). He even offered poisoned candy to the trial judge to kill him - crazy, we know. Listen to Criminal and learn about those “who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.”

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We hope this article helps you find a great new podcast to listen to this fall!

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