Milk Makeup Products I Wouldn’t Trade for Anything

At this point, my makeup collection is comprised almost entirely of Milk Makeup, and I’m not mad about it. They used to be a smaller brand, but have recently blown up, and it’s easy to see why. Their products are such high quality, in addition to being “cruelty-free, paraben-free, and 100% vegan” (you can find more information about the company on their website). My favorite part about them, though, is how they encourage creativity, expressing yourself, and using makeup in unconventional ways. The price tag can be a little hefty, but it’s worth the money both for the quality and the amount of product that you get. I first found out about them when I got a sample of their Lip + Cheek cream blush because of a monthly makeup box subscription, and I was absolutely hooked. Their products constitute basically my entire daily makeup routine, and here are the ones I love the most.

Blur Stick (1 oz, $36)

This mattifying primer is super comfortable to wear, and it genuinely does blur. It’s important to moisturize before using, as with most primers and foundations, but if your skin is properly hydrated, it looks amazing. It also doesn’t clog pores, which is important to me as someone who struggles a lot with acne and oily skin.

Sunshine Skin Tint (0.7 fl oz, $42)

This is a gold mine for us oily-skinned folks. It’s hard to find a foundation with SPF that works for acne-prone skin since it can amp up the shine factor and clog pores. This foundation is really natural-looking and has good coverage for essentially just being a tinted moisturizer, but that also means it’s not ideal if you prefer more full-coverage.

Lip + Cheek (1 oz, $28)

As I said, this was the first Milk Makeup product I ever tried. The best part about their stuff is that you literally never run out. I’ve been using this for probably about four years and I’m not even all the way through my second sample-sized container. They have multiple shades, so it works with many different skin tones, as shown on their website and social media. My favorite part about it is that it looks insanely natural, but is also buildable if you’re going for something more dramatic.

Highlighter (1 oz, $28)

They only carry one shade of this cream highlighter, although they have more pressed highlighters, but it seems to be pretty universal. A good highlight can go a very long way, and this fits the bill. It’s super blendable and, like the blush, can be very natural-looking if you use a light hand but also has the potential to be absolutely blinding.

Holographic Stick (1 oz, $28)

Not to be dramatic, but this is the coolest thing ever. The Holographic Stick is one of Milk Makeup’s products that really helps to stir up some creativity because it’s very different from any other highlighter, but can still be subtle enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re jumping straight into a totally different style of makeup than you may be used to. It’s great to experiment with, and it looks so insanely pretty when the light hits it because it truly is holographic. A quick note: on their website, it says that there is only 0.2 oz of product, but it is actually full-sized (1 oz).

Kush Mascara ($24)

If you hate putting on fake eyelashes/lack the skill entirely, this is for you. This mascara is so wildly effective, in both volume and length, that it can actually be hard to put on. Pro-tip: start in the middle of your lashes, not at the root. I also will often brush out my lashes with a clean spoolie just to get rid of clumps, but being that extra is not necessary.

Ubame Mascara (0.37 fl oz, $24)

This used to be the only mascara Milk Makeup sold, and then they took it off their website when they came out with Kush Mascara. I was pretty bummed because I thought they had discontinued it, but it came back! It’s a lot more buildable, natural-looking, and easier to put on for when you’re not so much feeling like going hardcore on the eyes, but it still works really well in terms of length and volume.

Gel Brow (0.042 oz, $18)

I used to be literally afraid of doing my eyebrows. Every time I tried I felt like they looked too dark and really weird. This product works so well for both natural (but still very, if you will, fleek-y) and dramatic makeup, depending on how you use it. It also really does stay in place for the entire day, and the spoolie on the end is very helpful.