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Milk Bar Review: A Momofukin’ Good Time

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If you’re a fellow foodie like myself, you’ve probably caught yourself harmlessly scrolling through popular food Instagram accounts. While scrolling, Momofuku Milk Bar has definitely popped up on your screen before – the creamy “Milk & Cereal” soft-serve, the addictive birthday cake truffles… I’m starting to crave them all as I write this. I had the opportunity to witness Momofuku behind the scenes when my BFF enrolled us both in their infamous birthday cake baking class. WARNING: you may experience excess birthday cake truffle cravings while reading this… ;)

The class takes place in a Momofuku baking station located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A couple of cheerful staff members warmly welcomed us upon arriving. After signing in, we were not only offered aprons but also cute, colorful ribbons for our hair. My friend and I perfected the bows on our headbands, took some basic pictures for our snap stories (obviously), and we were ready to get started!

The funfetti cakes were actually already baked in separate rectangular pans, ready to transform into a three-tier truffle creation. First, we gently shaped the cakes using circular cookie cutters. Our instructor announced that “snacking is highly encouraged” – don’t mind if I do! My friend and I constantly munched on funfetti cake leftovers and scraps. Then, we were instructed to repeat a process of adding frosting, condensed milk and birthday cake truffle crumbles in between the cake layers. The instructor and staff members were extremely friendly and patient – especially toward stubborn perfectionists like me. Once all three layers were in place, we were free to decorate the top of our cakes however we wanted – I made sure to put extra truffle crumbles! Check out my finished product below!

We took a short break after finishing our cakes – the class wasn’t over yet! Some say the best part of the class is the end, when we use leftover funfetti cake to whip up some delicious truffle balls. We broke up into groups of 4 and established an assembly line of truffle-making jobs. In the end, everyone was able to bring home a cake AND a couple of birthday cake truffles!

Overall, this class was incredible! It’s a great way to treat a friend for a birthday, or even to take a date! For once, you’ll actually enjoy (and devour) what you take home from “class” (unlike boring homework). Have fun fellow foodies! 

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