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Meet the Fall ’16 Her Campus NYU Staff!

You’ve read their articles, liked their Instagram pics, even favorited their tweets. Now it’s time to get to know the writers, editors and masterminds behind Her Campus NYU!

Madison Fraser is one of Her Campus NYU’s Campus Correspondents and a Gallatin senior studying Journalism, Digital Media, and a minor in Nutrition. She will stop for any frenchie on the street and eats multiple spoonfuls of peanut butter a day. When she’s not interning, she prefers binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones during every free moment. Her celebrity crush is Harry Styles, and has no qualms arguing about the musical value of One Direction (so don’t try, you guys).

Erin Siu is one of Her Campus NYU’s Campus Correspondents and a Gallatin junior studying Comparative Literature and Music. On most days, you can find her at local coffee shops or cafés with her nose in a book. When she’s not falling in love with fictional characters, she’s probably binge-watching Younger or How I Met Your Mother. She enjoys snacking on goldfish, traveling and going to concerts in New York.

Alexa Lavian is a proud NY native looking to make it big on Wall Street one day. She is currently a sophomore in Stern studying Finance & Accounting. This past summer, she traveled to Israel with family and interned at AIG in the financial district. Her top interests include Sunday brunch, naps, shopping at Zara, watching Friends on Netflix, and attending concerts!

Grace Moon is a second year student studying Media, Culture, and Communication and Korean Language and Culture. Although she was born in California, and raised in Dallas, she considers Seoul her home. Aside from serving as Senior Editor at Her Campus, Grace is also the PR Director at Freedoms for North Korea, a flautist in the NYU Orchestra, and a staff photographer at the school newspaper. Her hobbies include singing, cooking Korean food, politics, volleyball, movies, restaurant review writing, and going to jazz bars.

Gabby Brooks is one of Her Campus NYU’s Marketing and Publicity Directors. She is a junior at NYU studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves music, feminism, and the media and hopes to combine those things into a career. You can probably find her in Manhattan either at a concert, in a coffeeshop, or trying to find bodega cats. She’s from Maryland, but since she’s Jewish and vegetarian, she’s never actually eaten crabs.

My name is Pranati Wadhawan and I’m a Media, Culture and Communication major with a minor in BEMT. I am from Mumbai, India. I love aesthetically pleasing food and things that smell like winter. I have a goal that by the end of my life, I should have read every single classic piece of literature ever written. I am also a photographer, so you can find me either photographing the streets of New York or buried in a novel in Central Park in my free time. I’m a sucker for spice, and I love love love coffee. I cannot go a day without coffee. I need coffee in an IV. I am also a Marketing and Publicity Director for Her Campus NYU. In addition to this, I am also on the marketing team for the Indian Cultural Exchange, a student writer for LinkedIn and a staff photographer for Washington Square News.

Carly Mantay is a sophomore studying Marketing and Management in the Stern School of Business. She is a staff writer for the blog section of Her Campus NYU. When she’s not giving tours to prospective students as a member of Stern’s “Street Team,” you can find her practicing yoga, reading, or riding horses. She loves to write (especially in pastel-colored gel pens!) and enjoys spending her weekends exploring NYC. Über-passionate about skincare, Carly hopes to pursue a career in the beauty industry in marketing and product development.

Hannah Song is one of Her Campus NYU’s Social Media Directors. She is a sophomore at Steinhardt, studying MCC. When she’s not rambling about the obsession that she has with TV shows or her love for food, you can most likely see her singing her heart out to Disney tunes and Christmas songs (even in the summer.)

Zoë Haylock is one of Her Campus NYU’s Social Media Directors. She is a second year Journalism and Dramatic Literature student who thrives off of city life. After spending a year in London, her favorite things now include sunlight, holiday, and sarcasm. She writes about fashion on her blog “I’d Rather Be On Fifth Ave” and when she isn’t reading, she’s tweeting: @zoe1ugh1.”

Hannah Starke is one of Her Campus NYU’s Senior Editors. She is a Media, Culture, and Communication sophomore who is passionate about  exploring all that New York City has to offer. Hannah loves coffee, astrology, House of Cards, and anything involving puppies.

My name is Catalina Gonella, I’m the Events Director at Her Campus NYU, and a junior studying Journalism & Media, Culture and Communications. I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I moved to South Florida when I was seven to a little suburby city by the name of Coconut Creek. A few other things you should know about me: I’m a total foodie (current obsession: Pad Thai), I believe my calling is to try every single coffee shop in New York, I don’t know how I expressed myself before Pusheen the Cat and Gifs, and I love when people tag me in Facebook dog videos.

Hello! My name is Savannah Summerlin and I’m a sophomore at NYU! I’m in the Gallatin School of Individualized study with a focus on the written and visual arts. In my free time I love writing, reading and traveling; in fact, my dream job would be to a travel writer.

Hi my name is Arielle Golden and I am just your average native New Yorker studying Business in Stern at NYU. I love spending my free time wandering around the city taking pictures and exploring the culture, museums, and of course the FOOD. Plus, I definitely spend too much of my time and money in SoHo shopping, but what can I say, I really love fashion. If you are interested in getting to know me better, check out my blog www.ariellepaigegolden.blogspot.com! For business inquiries contact me atariellepaige9@gmail.com.

Zuleyma Sanchez is a sophomore at NYU and a staff writer for Her Campus NYU. On days when she isn’t busy writing essays or just generally trying to get her life together, you can find her hanging with friends, scouring the city for live music, lusting over the latest indie movie, or reading yelp reviews to help her decide what the next brunch adventure will be. She plans to study literature and storytelling at Gallatin.

My name is Tiffanie Snyder (with an “ie” because according to my grandma that is “the French way”. I am a junior studying communications. Myself comprised into a few nouns: glitter enthusiast, chai tea addict, and part-time bookworm.

Lenique Vincent is an entertainer and fashion blogger who loves to write and uplift others. From working with Nickelodeon to graduating high school a year early, Lenique now finds herself at NYU double majoring in Theatre and Journalism.

Hi! I’m Nishka and I study Journalism and Psychology. I’ve always loved writing and reading. My other hobbies include baking, dancing and acting (I’m a Tisch transfer). I’m low-key obsessed with dogs and cats. My ultimate dream is to become a magazine writer in the future! Maybe even start my own magazine.

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