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Makeup and Beauty Hacks to Revolutionize Your Routine

As students, we’re all low on money and time, which can make it challenging to keep up with a beauty and skincare routine. I often find myself looking for ways to make my morning routine more efficient and spend less money on products, which is why I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty hacks. I hope these tips make your life a little easier and save you the time and money for other things you care about! 


  1. Eyeshadow Before Concealer 

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Personally, my makeup routine when I go out involves a fair amount of sparkly eyeshadow. However, the fallout from the eyeshadow application often finds its way onto my cheeks and gets glitter all under my eyes! One easy way to prevent this from happening is to finish applying your eye makeup and then move on to concealer – this way, the concealer covers up fallout without you having to take off any undereye makeup.

  1. Baby Oil in Old Mascara 


Makeup expires fast, and mascara, which I use every day, can dry up pretty quickly. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to get a new tube, a couple of drops of baby oil in your mascara can salvage it for a couple more nights. Just shake it up and your lashes will be ready to go in no time!

  1. Drying Nail Polish with Ice Water

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This happens to me all the time – I paint my nails and then immediately find myself needing to do something that will absolutely ruin the manicure. If you’re ever in the same boat, you can fill up a bowl with water and ice and dip your nails in the water for about thirty seconds to a minute – it will dry your nails in no time flat so that you can go about your day without chipping!

  1. Vaseline as Makeup Remover

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If you ever have on a particularly heavy face of makeup, especially around your eyes, and the wipes and micellar water just aren’t cutting it anymore, you can smear Vaseline onto the area and then wipe it off with a tissue – the makeup should melt right off. This is especially helpful with heavy eyeliner!

  1. Washing Your Face with Cold Water

 Fun fact – hot water opens up your pores, and cold water closes them. When I’m doing my skincare routine, I will usually splash warm water on my face to open up my pores initially, and after I’m done cleansing, I rinse everything off with cold water. That way, your pores won’t stay open any longer than you want them to, which could make them more susceptible to clogging. 

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I hope these tips help you streamline your beauty routine!


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